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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Department of Public Health requires all students to provide documentation of immunizations, recent physical exam (within the past 12 months), and completed health forms. The immunization requirements are mandated by Massachusetts regulation 105 CMR 220.000. The regulation applies to all undergraduate and graduate students and students in a health services field (patient contact)..
Health forms must be completed by you and your health care provider and returned to Health Services by August 1 for all accepted students who will be starting classes in the fall and by January 1 for all accepted students who will be starting classes in the spring.  Students must be compliant with all health requirements PRIOR to entrance, or they may not be permitted to move into residence halls or begin classes.

Current Immunization Requirements

For students who graduated from a high school in Massachusetts, they should have had already had all of the required vaccinations except the one for Meningitis ACWY. Out-of-state students should review their records carefully, as frequently there are fewer requirements outside of Massachusetts. Students should bring their forms to their health care provider for review and schedule any needed immunizations as soon as possible.

Vaccine Information Statements 

New Students Enrollment Requirements 

New enrolled students are required to complete the following forms:  

Contact your healthcare provider for your immunization records and a recent physical exam.  You may also try to contact schools and colleges or other post-secondary institutions you attended for your immunization records. Some employers may have this information, as well. Most states and some cities have centralized registries of vaccinations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a listing of these registry contacts.

Massachusetts School Immunication Requirements 2023-2024

Medical forms found in the Pre-Enrollment Guide should be mailed to:
Fisher College Health Services
118 Beacon Street 
Boston, MA 02116
Health Services can contact your healthcare provider on your behalf to obtain your medical records by completing the following form: