Commuter Life

Commuting students are an integral part of Fisher College's student life. All events, organizations, and clubs are open to commuters. The Division of Student Life strongly encourages these students to actively participate in College activities and to make good use of all the services provided, such as our counseling, health services, and much more. 

Commuter Student Association

Fisher College wants all of our students to be involved and to feel at home on campus. All clubs, non-varsity sports, and organizations are open to all students. Whether you live on campus or commute, you have every opportunity to get involved. If you want to connect with other commuter students, join the Commuter Student Association. Through the Commuter Student Association, you will meet other commuter students, plan events on and off campus for commuters, select themes and menus for the free monthly commuter student luncheons on campus, participate in commuter student appreciation day, and be the voice of your fellow students.

A Commuter Liaison is available to provide support to commuter students and to help them navigate College life. The Commuter Liaison advises the Commuter Student Association, which facilitates connections between commuters and gives commuter students a forum through which to express their concerns. Commuter luncheons also take place once a month. You may reach the Commuter Liaison at 617-236-8822 or visit the Student Activities Office in the Lower Level of 133 Beacon Street.