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Emergency Preparedness

The safety of the Fisher College community during an emergency is centered on advance planning and awareness about plan implementation. Students, faculty, staff and visitors will be better prepared in an emergency if they know how the College will respond, where they can find information and what they should do.

Active Shooter/Threat Drill

Although active shooter events are still very rare and the odds of being a victim are quite low, it can still seem very frightening. There is no single tactic that works every time because every situation unfolds differently. By planning and preparing ahead of time, you can save yourself valuable seconds in the event of a crisis. Because most incidents are over in a very short time, individuals must be prepared to deal with the situation until the incident is over and first responders arrive. 
The Fisher College Police Department wants to help you prepare. To that end we have posted several resources on this page to help prepare yourself in the unlikely event you are faced with a hostile intruder. 

Fire Safety

Fire can spread fast so it is important to act quickly:
Be prepared by always noticing exits for any location and learn two ways of escaping should there be a fire that blocks the most common route. If an alarm goes off, evacuate the area immediately. Alert others by pulling a fire alarm, knocking on doors, or yelling fire as you leave the area, but do not stop. If you see someone in need of assistance, you can try to help them as you leave the area. If this is not possible, do not stop. Continue on and notify a first responder of the individual’s location and condition as soon as you get to safety.

Contact Us

Fisher College Police Department
T: 617-236-8880

Active Threat Guidelines

Encountering an active threat on campus remains remote, however we encourage members of the campus community to review the following guidelines in the event of an emergency.
An active threat is any incident where there is an immediate threat or imminent danger to the campus community, this includes a shooter or a hostage situation. Taking time to review these guidelines now will increase your ability to respond should an emergency arise.