Staff Directory

Department  Employee Title Phone Number Directory
Academic Affairs      
  Asbury, Arthur Director of Academic Advising and Support Center T: 617-236-5438
  Avalos, Jesse Assistant Dean, Academic Services, Retention and Registrar  T: 617-670-8827
  Kuser, Dr. Janet Vice President of Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer T: 617-236-5458
  McGovern, Patrick Instructional Technology Support Technician T: 617-236-8849
  Phillips, Ferna  Director of Accessibility Services T: 617-670-4429 
  Pithis, Nancy Dean of International Academic Operations and Curriculum Development  T: 617-236-8814
  Trotta, Neil Assistant Dean, School Of Graduate Studies / MBA Program Director T: 617-236-8867
 Admissions     T: 617-236-8818
  Callanan, Alexandra Assistant Director of Admissions T: 617-236-5424
  Cardoza, Michael  Assistant Director of Admissions T: 617-670-4506
  Cushman, Mackenzie  Director of International and Admissions Recruitment T: 617-670-4538
  Driscoll, Dylan Assistant Director of Admissions T: 617-236-5467
  Dunton, Karen Associated Director of Admissions Operations & Institutional Reporting T: 617-236-8818
  Henry Maldonado Assistant Director of Admissions for Diversity Recruitment T: 617-236-5443
  Melaragni, Robert Vice President of Enrollment T: 617-670-4401
  Pappas, Eric Assistant Director of Admissions  T: 617-670-4409
  Scarpati, Chelsea  Manager of Admissions Operations and Special Projects T: 617-670-5474
  Songer, Zacchary Director of Admissions T: 617-670-4539
Advancement and Alumni Engagement      
  Matarese, Amanda Director of Advancement and Alumni Engagement T: 617-236-8822
  Oliveira, Michael  Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni Engagement T: 617-670-4419
  Rau, Deliah Communications Assistant  T: 617-670-4419
  Dulin, Scott  Director of Athletics / Head Baseball Coach

T: 617-236-8877

C: 617-438-9945

F: 617-236-5473

  Bere, Rachel Head Women's Softball Coach T: 617-670-4590
  Del Valle, John Head Men and Women's Soccer Coach T: 617-670-4529
  Leonelli, Anthony Head Men's Basketball Coach T: 617-670-4432
  Manalo, Natividad Head Men and Women's Volleyball Coach T:  617-236-5417
  McPhail, Warren Head Men & Women's Cross Country Coach T: 617-670-4529
  Perry, Anthony Assistant Athletic Director / Sports Information  T: 617-670-4448 
  Purington, Dawn Head Athletic Trainer  T: 617-670-4438
  Wilson, Natalie  Head Women's Basketball Coach  T: 617-670-4590


  Evans-Weekes, Shantaya Associate Director of Student Accounts    T: 617-236-5403
  Martinez, Kristen College Bursar T: 617-236-5402
  Mish, Bradley Director of Student Accounts T: 617-236-5404
Career Services      
  Roche, Jack Employee Relations Coordinator T: 617 236-4467
Campus Police     T: 617-236-8880
  Perrin, Brian Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police  T: 617-236-5451
  Belanger, Sherry Captain T: 617-236-5453
  Chin, William Public Safety Communications Coordinator T: 617-236-8880
  Crnolic, Edvin Police Officer T: 617-236-8880
  Dean, Jane Public Safety Officer T: 617-236-8880
  Gordon, Taraje Public Safety Communications Coordinator T: 617-236-8880
  Murray, Suzanne Public Safety Officer T: 617-236-8880
  Norman, Daniel Public Safety Officer T: 617-236-8880
  Pagliarulo, John Lieutenant T: 617-236-8880
  Peters, Kenneth Police Officer T: 617-236-8880
  Robillard, Gabrielle Police Officer T: 617-236-8880
  Withrow, Raymond Police Officer T: 617-236-8880 
Marketing and Communications      
  Harris, Gail Graphic Designer  T: 617-236-8844
  Hwedi, Sufian Multimedia Producer T: 617-670-4595
Dining Services     T: 617-236-8885
  Fichtner, Mark Assistant Food Service Director  T: 617-670-4540
  Wilbur, Jared Food Service Director  T: 617-670-4540
  Colaiacomo, Aaron Assistant Director of Esports  T: 617-670-4591
  Hummel, Bryan  Director of Esports  T: 617-236-8865
  Newsome, Ashton

League of Legends Head Coach

T: 617-670-4592
  Granados, Mario Maintenance T: 617-236-8882
  McBrine, Paul Director of Facilities T: 617-236-8882
  Perry, Stephen Facilities Foreman T: 617-236-8882
  Cho, Amy Staff Accountant T: 617-236-8824
  Conrad, Jeffrey Director of Accounting T: 617-236-8831
  Jandejsek, Vladimir Assistant Director of Accounting T: 617-236-5419
  Pam Saucer-Richardson  Manager Payroll and Benefits  T: 617-236-8834
  Van Schaick, Stephen Accounts Payable Clerk T: 617-236-8830
Financial Aid    
T: 617-236-8821 
F: 617-670-4440
  Holloway, Meghann Financial Aid Counselor T: 617-236-8823
  Mucci, Annette Financial Aid Counselor T: 617-236-5415
  Quelle, Sandra Associate Director of Financial Aid for GPS T: 617-236-8857
  Wihelm, Jennifer Director of Financial Aid T: 617-236-5470
  Woods, Colleen  Director of Title IV Compliance T: 617-670-4527
Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS)       
  Wilcox, Carol Director of General Studies School of Nursing / Associate Prof Microbiology

T: 508-941-7652

F: 508-941-6448

Online / GPS      
  Robinson, Lynne Vice President - Graduate Professional Studies  T: 617-670-4501
  Benson, Melissa Director, Academic Programs and Services T: 508-699-3707
  Bradley, Leah Senior Online Admissions Officer T: 617-670-3713
  Brass, Jamie Academic Advisor T: 508-699-3705
  Dinwiddie, David Graduate Admissions Officer T: 508-699-3708
  Dow, Robin Graduate Academic Advisor T: 508-699-3710
  Fey, Lisa Senior Online Education Academic Advisor T: 508-699-3706
  Hewitt, Marjorie Admissions Officer T: 508-699-3721
  Mead, Bobby Academic Advisor  T: 508-316-7669
  McCarthy, Kayla Instructional Support and Training Coordinator T: 508-699-3703
  Potter, Richard Director of Enrollment Management and Administration T: 508-699-6200
  Valletti, Tracy Manager of Community and Corporate Outreach T: 617-670-4509
  Veiga, Yvette Admissions Officer T: 508-699-3719
  Wilcox, Carol  Program Director, BHSON T; 508-941-7652
Human Resources      
  Opava, William Director of Human Resources / Title IX Coordinator T: 617-236-8812
Information Services      
  Help Desk   T: 617-236-5464
  Costa, Derrick Director of Data and Infrastructure T: 617-236-8852
  Cutillo, Michael Director of Systems, Client Services, and Support T: 617-236-5447
Institutional Research       
  Pearsall, Roland Director of Institutional Research T: 617-236-8879
Library     T: 617-236-8875
  McKain, Joshua College Librarian / Writing and Academic Support Center  T: 617-236-8854
  Parkoff, Cara Associate College Librarian T: 617-236-5420
Office of the President      
  Rich, Steven  College President T: 617-236-8810
  Larame, Nepthalie Office Manager  T: 617-670-8876

T: 617-236-8825

F: 617-236-8869

  Avalos, Jesse Assistant Dean for Academic Services T: 617-236-8827
  Farina, Kelly

Coordinator, Registrar's Office and Academic Affairs

T: 617-670-4536
  Lara, Vivian

Coordinator, Registrar's Office and Academic Affairs

T: 617-236-8827
  Lesperance, Dustin College Registrar & Institutional Reporting Administrator  T: 617-670-4511
Student Life     

T: 617-236-8828

F: 617-670-4425

  College Counseling   T: 617-236-8894
  Knights, Francina  Housing Coordinator, Resident Director  T: 617-236-4436
  Manalo, Natividad Student Activities Coordinator, Resident Director T: 617-236-5417
  Maron, Robert  Director of Counseling Services  T: 617-236-8894
  Matarese, Amanda Director of Student Involvement and Leadership T: 617-236-8822
  Vandenberg, Szilvia College Nurse T: 617-236-8860