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Fisher Esports Arena

Inside the Arena

Welcome to the Fisher Esports Arena, located at 108 Beacon St. in Boston. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts four rooms equipped with a total of 80 high-end gaming stations providing the ultimate gaming experience for enthusiasts. Each station features a top-of-the-line BenQ monitor paired with a high-performance PC, ensuring smooth gameplay.

At our arenas, high-speed internet ensures uninterrupted gameplay during important matches and practices. Serving as the central hub for the esports program, our arena buzzes with activity throughout the day. From cheering each other on during matches, to preparing for practices and communicating with teammates, our space fosters a lively community of support and camaraderie.

Additionally, at 131 Beacon St., you'll find our cutting-edge broadcast studio. Here, a diverse selection of games is streamed throughout the week and weekend on platforms such as Twitch, offering viewers an immersive esports experience from the comfort of their homes.

Gaming Station Specs

 Monitors - BENQ 240 HZ XL2566

Computer Specs - (CPU i-9) (GPU 4070 TI) (RAM 32 DDR4)

Gaming Stations - 80 + 4 Nintendo Switches for SSBU

Internet- High-Speed Internet

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Trophies in the Esports Arena