The Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Hospitality & Event Planning prepares students for industry employment through a career-oriented curriculum. This program is designed to familiarize students with the hospitality industry as well as the field of event planning and management. Students will develop their research, communication, decision-making, interpersonal, critical, and analytical thinking skills throughout this curriculum and obtain valuable skills to begin their career.



Students hone their problem-solving and analytical skills through collaborative learning projects. They recognize the value of teamwork as they practice their leadership roles and abilities in various team-oriented activities. The Management program focuses on the active involvement of the student in the learning process and the effective application of management theory through a proactive program of experiential opportunities. Such tasks as simulations, library research, team presentations and computer projects in a variety of management settings allow the students at Fisher to combine theoretical “classroom” knowledge with practical real-world experience.

The Hospitality program supplements classroom learning with field trip opportunities, allowing students to gain valuable industry experience. This is accomplished through volunteer activities, hotel and site visits, one-day field trips, and a 120-hour travel-related internship. Additionally, the program is dedicated to helping students develop their critical and analytical thinking, communication, research, decision-making, and interpersonal skills.

In addition to the learning outcomes in the Bachelor of Science in Management, students within the Hospitality and Event Planning concentration will also achieve the following concentration-specific learning objectives:
Demonstrate principles of leadership and management in the operation of a hospitality business
Appraise and illustrate how to mitigate risk associated with lodging operations and the principles of hospitality law
Demonstrate a general understanding of hospitality sales, marketing, and brand positioning
Recognize the importance of outstanding guest service quality, server-guest relationships, and ethics
Demonstrate effective written and interpersonal communication skills
Recognize the importance of goal setting and team-building
Demonstrate awareness of the various career opportunities and options within the hospitality industry
Graduates of this program are well prepared for careers in industries associated with the field of Hospitality.  These include hotels, resorts, airline, cruise, car rental and travel agencies.  Additionally there are opportunities in meeting and convention related position in governmental tourism offices, chambers of commerce, and convention centers.  Management and event planning positions are also prevalent in various food service related industries.  The Hospitality industry is a strong economic sector with excellent opportunities for entry level positions and career growth potential.