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Fisher College Housing Form

This Housing Agreement & Preference form is a survey of your preferences. It does not guarantee that you will receive your choice. However, the Housing Office will do its best to honor your requests.

Please indicate your first and second preference of rooms (1 being the highest, and 4 the lowest). It should be clearly understood that the college cannot guarantee to honor your request due to room limitations. Room supplemental charges are billed after assignments are made in August. Do not pay additional charges now.
$1,000 per year supplement​​​
$2,000 per year supplement​
What social activities and hobbies interest you most?​
It is important to me that my roommate identifies as an Ally or Member of the LGBT, Gender non-conforming community. An Ally is identified as a student who supports the LGBT community regardless of one's own sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.​​

I have read all the information in the Fisher College Housing Agreement and I fully understand all terms and provisions of the agreement.

I understand that I am responsible for reading and knowing the policies of Fisher College as set forth by the Student Code of Conduct and that failure to do so does not constitute an excuse for misconduct. If I have any questions regarding any of the policies, I will contact a College administrator within the Division of Student Life for further explanation and clarification.