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Whether it's midterms or the end of the semester, tests are inevitable and nerve wracking. 

There’s little fun to be had in test taking, in fact it can be quite stressful. Knowing how to prepare for a test can help reduce that stress. That is why I’ve compiled a few interesting study tips that can change the way you prepare for your exams. All these tips have to do with your body’s senses and how to use them to your advantage (all excluding the one where you can see dead people).

  1. Sight: Using index cards can help with remembering key words and figures. Writing down the material makes your brain go over the information again. Then, the index cards provide a visual aid to help remember the material. This also encourages repetition, which will help you remember.
  2. Sound: Next time you’re sitting in on a lecture, record a voice memo of the lesson your professor is teaching that day. Being able to hear your professor repeat the information could help you remember the information much more than written notes. Plus, it can familiarize you with the way your professor teaches.
  3. Smell: This is when the studying tips begin to get a little weird. Next time you’re studying, trying sniffing a certain kind of perfume or cologne. Particular scents can help jog your memory immensely. Wearing that perfume or cologne the day of the test can bring you back to when you were studying. This sounds strange, but it’s true!
  4. Touch: Have you ever wondered why you have better thoughts in the shower? Well, it’s no coincidence that you actually do! The heat of the water helps to expand blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the brain. Creative thinking is then increased. Try remembering some of the material, or solving a simple problem, while showering. You might just have the stimulation to finally crack that problem.
  5. Taste: Getting a reward for hard work is always motivating. Instead of waiting for someone else to reward you, why not reward yourself? When studying, keep a bag of candy nearby. Each time you remember/solve something correctly, reward yourself by taking a piece. The fatter you get, the more knowledge you’ll have!

Studying can be a pain, but is invaluable to help retain material. That is why more creative approaches can take the mundane edge off the task. Try one of the methods above and see how your study habits improve!

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