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Working From Home: Are You Dressed for Success?

In a professional world where virtual meetings, conference calls, and chat rooms are becoming the new standard practice, our person to person interactions are greatly limited. In this time of self-isolation and working from home, it is natural to find yourself dressing like you won’t see another person for a long time.


"Getting dressed for the day, even when meetings are remote, has a large impact on one’s mental state," says Professor Francis T. McAndrew at Knox College. In an interview with Vogue, Professor McAndrew, who specializes in environmental psychology and isolation, confirms that there is a connection between putting yourself together and your mental wellbeing:

“If you look at how you are dressed, that signals something about what you are prepared to do. If you are dressed professionally and you’re dressed up, in some ways that raises your own opinion of yourself, and you want your behavior and demeanor to match the clothes,” he said. “So, if you’re dressed like a slob and you are in your sweat clothes, you’re either prepared to work out at the gym or clean out the basement, but you’re not doing anything professional or mentally challenging, and that spills over into your motivation and confidence.”

Program Director and Assistant Professor of Fisher College’s Fashion Merchandising program, Susan Mullins, asserts that, “…by getting dressed professionally while working from home, it establishes a business-like atmosphere for daily work and improved educational environment.” By doing so you are able to separate your home environment from work environment. For many, even if one’s at home office means setting up their station at the kitchen table each day - Mullins claims you are able to set a professional boundary by adapting your clothing to match your practice.

“Dressing for the day doesn’t have to be a fashion show- unless you’d like it to be,” said Mullins. “Standard dress for virtual meetings does tend to be more relaxed than in person office meetings.”


 Here are 3 quick suggestions to look and feel your best while working from home:

1. Swap sweatshirt for sweater.

As cozy as the oversized hoodie can be, you can still stay warm and comfy at home by reaching for a simple classic cardigan or a pullover sweater instead.


2. Trade your coffee-stained t-shirt for a collared blouse or button-down.

Since you can only be seen from the waist-up during most virtual meetings, a bold colored blouse or button-down shirt will bring some brightness to both your meeting and your day. Have a funky blouse with cool detailing on collar? Bust it out! Now’s the time to get creative.


3. Tame your mane.

Now, if styling your hair for the day feels to be too much, start by simply combing it. The act of taking a few minutes of brushing your hair or smoothing it back is time you can take to gather your thoughts, and get yourself ready for the day ahead.



Sweat pants and slippers can slowly become our outfit-of -the day staples. However, while working from home and meeting via Zoom, FaceTime, Teams, or Skype it is important to hold yourself accountable and still dress for success.


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