Summer Internship Spotlight: Zachary Anderson at GNC

Falcons often spend their summers pursuing their passions through internships. Meet rising junior Zachary Anderson, a Sport Management major. This summer, he's working at GNC, a giant in the health and wellness industries, as a social media intern. We were curious to find out more about his experience, so we asked him a few questions.




How did you find your internship?

I sat down one day determined to find a summer gig, looking on websites like indeed, handshake, etc. And I found this great internship and it fell right in my lap!

What made you choose this particular position over other internships?  

It was a opportunity that gave me the chance to show my expertise in the field and to master the realm of social media.    

What kinds of projects and tasks do you do at your internship? Walk me through a typical day.

Social media is truly the futures main source of news, e-commerce, trends, talent and more. So every day a project varies, the most typical day would start with social listening. This  is scrolling through each one of our social media pages, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and seeing if we are tagged in any fan source, celebrity engagements, and keeping an eye on the latest trends to hop on. If I find something that aligns with our voice, I normally engage with the talent/trend/celebrity and reach out to them to send product to, or add them to our #TeamGNC where they will be in partnership with us through sponsorship.

I also post organic content to our TikTok page for any new product that we are promoting, a trend that’s popping, or anything that aligns with our voice for community engagement. Lastly, I meet with my marketing team remotely via Teams for brainstorming sessions, media reports, and preplanning.

What goals do you want to accomplish by the end of your internship?

I want to be as well versed in social media and content strategy as I can be, gain valuable corporate connections, and leave my mark!

Have you met anyone at your internship who you can see as a good mentor?

Yes absolutely. I meet with my mentor Greg weekly where we discuss my future plans,sports, what I’ve been learning, and how I can apply my skills to the real world once I’m out there.

Has this internship helped you think about your future career goals? If so, how?

Of course! Being a management major, I can dabble in a lot of different departments. With social media being a key piece to our content consumption going forward, I can definitely see myself working as a social media manager/content strategist in the future at a sports entity, fashion brand, you name it.

 What advice do you have for Fisher students looking for internships?

Get out there! It’s on you to network, gain prerequisites, and use your connections for the job YOU want. Create your path by any means necessary, if you can’t find an internship internally through the school, go to different websites, if they aren’t there, go to the exact company you want to work and find their career page and reach out. It’s on YOU, make it happen!


If you're a falcon looking for an internship, you can find resources on our career services page. 

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