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In a virtual world, utilizing all tools readily available to you is of the utmost importance. With professional groups and organizations moving online, it’s now more essential than ever to be sure your professional presence online is well developed. LinkedIn, known as the professional social network, is an online platform that allows you to put your best virtual foot forward. Between headlines, information about yourself and experience, people are able to make quick judgements as to whether they want to learn more about you. With its multitude of resources readily available, LinkedIn is a network that is essential to be part of, especially during this period where everybody's working from home.

Here are 5 quick tips to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile:

1. Turn on the spotlight- let recruiters know you are open to new opportunities

Recruiters spend hours researching for potential talentonly for candidates to show no interest in beginning a new job. Help recruiters ease the frustration by turning on the career interests function on your profile. Suzanne Price, Fisher College’s Assistant Director of Career Services and Internship Programs, recommends, “Make sure if you are looking for new opportunities you also update your location summary and headline.” This will make it easier for recruiters in your field to find you and see what you have to offer.

2. Get your money’s worth- know the going rate for a potential position

It’s stressful for anyone to negotiate salary, especially young professionals who don’t have a lot of experience to bring to the table at this point in their careers. Search LinkedIn’s Salary page and filter by position and area to find the average compensation in your field.That way you can have a baseline number

3. Professional Assistance- search for career coaches near you

With the ProFinder tool, you can find professional career coaches for hire to help you nail your interview, review resumes, and more. Search by your needs and area to find the right professional assistance for you. Did you know: If you’re low on funds, the career services office offers all of these same services to Alumni for life for free.

4. Need to know- connect with those most important

The larger a company is, the harder it can be to find the right person to contact for each department. With the Lookup function, users can easily search those at their place of work, allowing them to see teams, departments, and detailed breakdown of positions. Looking to make connections in the department you’re interested in joining? Use Lookup function to find the best people to reach out to for informational interviews. Price encourages students to take advantage of this tool, “it could be a way to find out who is doing recruiting for a specific job you have your eye on. If you have an interview coming up, it can also give insight into the company as part of your research.”

5. Strengthen your skills- expand your potential by fine tuning a new skill

If you want to gain a better understanding of a new technology, brush up on a technique you learned long ago, or are ready for a new challenge, the Learn page makes learning new skills more accessible than ever. Once you’re ready to flex your new knowledge, be sure to add it to the skills tab on your page.
Pro tip: check with your local library or ama matter as often as they have group access to the same resources free of change. Fisher College is part of the Boston Public Library System which allows anyone with a BPL barcode access to linked in learning

Now refresh, rewrite, and remember that you can make your LinkedIn page do all the work of building your professional horizons while staying safely at home. Don’t forget: join Fisher’s Alumni group to connect with your fellow alumni!

Did you know? Students and alumni have access to all the resources from the career center right now, including resume building, mock interviews, reviewing your LinkedIn profile and more.

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