How Fisher College helped Jamaal Morris-Adams reach his potential

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amaal Morris-Adams traveled internationally for three years— during the Covid-19 pandemic, no less— before he set his sights on Fisher College.

Jamaal Morris-Adams traveled internationally for three years— during the Covid-19 pandemic, no less— before he set his sights on Fisher College. Today, he’s enrolled in the Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) online bachelor's degree program in management, with a concentration in healthcare management. His academic journey has been a fusion of laughter, commitment, struggle, growth, and occasional reflection, i.e."I should've done this years ago."

After time spent living abroad, embracing life as a student once again and enrolling in college to pursue a degree was an exhilarating thought. Although news of his previous college losing accreditation was disappointing, he took his frustration in stride. He shared his belief, Where one leaf falls, a new one grows, trusting bigger and better opportunities were headed his way.

As he researched higher education enrollment elsewhere, Jamaal had a chance to explore Fisher College and learn about the amazing opportunities the college offers. He shared, “Yvette, who was my Admissions counselor at the time of my enrollment, provided a warm, welcoming, and informative introduction to the Fisher culture. Yvette and I maintained weekly correspondence to assess my progress in the admission process.”

Jamaal described his experience as a GPS online student at Fisher College as exceptional. Although he had taken online courses elsewhere, Jamaal’s experience with Fisher surpassed all others. He said, “The Blackboard interface, designed for online students, is intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, the Orientation web meeting I attended prior to my first term proved invaluable in familiarizing myself and preparing for success.”

Along with receiving support from Fisher, Jamaal used a weekly planner to keep track of meetings and assignments. He also began journaling and indulging in break-dancing on weekends, which he contributes to achieving overall equilibrium. “It’s important to acknowledge that everyone's happiness equation is unique,” he said. “Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a sense of curiosity and explore what works best for you.”

As he reflects on his first year as a Falcon, Jamaal attributes high praise to the Fisher College faculty and staff who helped him navigate the transfer process and provide all possible resources for his educational success.

He said, “I would be remiss not to mention my academic advisor, the extraordinary Allison Notaro. When she was assigned to me, I received a set of questions to help us become better acquainted. To my amazement, we discovered we had both spent several years living in Thailand, and even more astonishing, we both speak Thai. This connection prompted us to converse via email in Thai, which was a magical experience that strengthened our bond. Allison consistently goes above and beyond to support me. She assists me in strategizing my schedule for the upcoming year and even sent me a good luck email at the beginning of my first term. Going the extra mile, she even keeps me informed about the need to purchase library books for my courses. Allison's support has undoubtedly facilitated my seamless transition into the Fisher family.”

A piece of advice Jamaal offers to prospective Fisher College students considering on-campus or online classes is to seize every opportunity. He said, “The flexibility, administrative support, reasonable tuition, and diversity at Fisher have rendered my learning experience truly exceptional. Remember, you are the CEO of your own future. Education and learnability are the digital currencies that grant you access to infinite possibilities. Never cease investing in yourself and let your commitment to lifelong learning be unwavering. As the Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh once said, ‘You are 100 percent potential.’ Onward and upward.”

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