How to Stay Motivated During COVID-19

information on meditation, laws of attraction, and holistic learning

 So, who else feels like they’ve been on a train going nowhere for the past nine months? I know for me what started as a staycation and a much-needed break from the chaos of a nonstop busy schedule quickly turned into a monotonous daily routine  with no definitive end in sight. Understandably, it’s hard to stay motivated and driven. The reality of the situation is, this train doesn’t seem to be returning to the station anytime soon, but with the following tips and tricks - developed in conjunction with Fisher College Librarian, Josh McKain and Associate Professor of Psychology, Alicia Vitagliano PhD - you can hopefully make the journey slightly  more palatable and return to your final destination in better spirits than you left it.

Stop 1: What Are Your Intentions Today?

Starting your day by stating your intentions is a wonderful way to focus yourself and your energy on what you want to accomplish. This is commonly used by many who practice the art of meditation. Your intention might be work related, such as completing that assignment you’ve been dragging your feet on, or maybe it’s something more spiritual, like finding 10 things to be grateful for in the day. Whatever it is, this simple meditative step is a positive and motivating way to get yourself out of bed.

For more information on meditation, laws of attraction, and holistic learning check out the resources available at Fisher College Library’s page

 For those interested, McKain has also provided 3 simple steps to navigate the website when searching for reading material:

1: Head to BiblioCommons on the Library site. 

2: Search for either “meditation” or “laws of attraction” as a keyword search. 

3: Once the list of items comes back, you can limit the results on the left-hand side of the page by Available Now. You will see eBook, streaming video, and downloadable audiobooks.

   Stop 2:  Hold yourself to a Schedule

Just because your house is now your office and your kitchen table is your new work desk does not mean your body and mind isn’t still craving the feeling of stability a schedule creates. Giving up your schedule is the surest way to lose motivation. Starting tonight try something new: Set your alarm as if you were leaving for work and try to hold yourself to a semi normal schedule. If you normally have breakfast before work, leave yourself enough time for a bite. Silver lining: anyone who wishes they had more time for home cooked meals now has those precious minutes! If you take a break during your workday, make sure you’re still practicing that at home. For those who need a more visual reminder, Dr. Vitagliano suggests creating a weekly agenda in the calendar on your phone or your physical planner. Carve out times to work on specific tasks to better achieve your goals and aspirations. Whatever makes you feel like you’ve accomplished some form of normalcy and work-life balance is the goal!


     Stop 3: Start Setting Small Goals

 One thing that works for me is setting goals that are achievable and attainable.

I’m currently working on reading one book a week because it’s something I love doing but never have the time to do. McKain on the other hand is working on a few cooking projects to stay creative. Really anything that brings you joy, and a sense of accomplishment will work. Once you reach a goal, reward yourself! Who doesn’t like a reward, right? Hopefully, by the end of this you will have picked up a new hobby or rekindled your love for an old one.

person reading book

Setting goals can also apply to your work or school assignments. Maybe there’s a project that seems overwhelming. By breaking it down into smaller daily tasks you can make the assignments more approachable and easier to accomplish by its due date. Dr. Vitagliano’s suggestion on creating a weekly agenda on your phone calendar/personal planner can also be applied here. Plan those assignments at the beginning of the week and you’ll see how easy it is to achieve even the most tedious of tasks.

  Stop 4: Utilize your Resources

Students, your classmates and online school resources are currently your best friend. McKain, who also runs the tutoring center on campus suggests that if you’re having trouble with classwork or just looking for a one-on-one connection, tutoring is the way to go. McKain says Fisher College provides tutoring in everything from Accounting to Writing.... with Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Communications, Computer and Application Support, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Finite Math, Management, Psychology, Research Skills, and Statistics in between.

Connect with your classmates over a relaxing cup of coffee.

Setting up a study group that meets weekly on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype another great idea. Ask your faculty to set up a Collaborate meeting to keep in touch. Just because we’re confined to our houses now does not mean we can’t stay connected and keep ourselves accountable.

Professionals, your online work resources and staying in-touch with your coworkers is key. Take this time to collaborate with new people and departments. Get those creative juices flowing because you never know what hidden skills are waiting to surface. Or maybe take the time to familiarize yourself with your job’s new online platforms. Technology is difficult for many, but with all the extra time on our hands and numerous training modules out there we can all become more knowledgeable on the subject. Plus, they can be just as useful when we’re back in the office.

Stop 5: Let’s Get Physical

 Picking up an exercise-related hobby like jogging, biking, or walking is a great way to break up the day and give yourself something to look forward to.

 McKain does 35 push-ups during the day and another 35 at night whereas a quick walk around the neighborhood is sufficient for me to feel the benefits of staying active. For those with children Dr. Vitagliano suggests incorporating them in your physical activity. That way they work off some of that extra energy while having safe family fun. Some of Dr. Vitagliano go-to activities are street hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. For those rainy days, don’t worry you can still be active! Try Zumba or the Would You Rather fitness challenge. For those who want a more calming experience try some Yoga

Congratulations!!! You’ve finally arrived at Motivation Station. Good luck on this crazy journey and we hope these tips & tricks help you get through it as productively as possible.


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Written By:

Megan Allende

Coordinator, Academic Affairs & Registrars Office

  • Student Life