The Inside Scoop on Grants and Scholarships

When you’re looking at colleges, are you looking at the price tag as much as you’re looking at the academic programs, size and location? While financing college can be challenging, it shouldn’t bar you from attending the college of your dreams. Here are a few ways you can find aid and scholarships to make it more affordable for you and your family.

Federal Aid

Think your parents make too much for you to qualify for Federal Aid? The good news is that FAFSA has no income requirement or cap. Not a straight-A student? Federal student aid programs do not generally look at GPAs. Since filling it out is completely free and takes an average of 22-30 minutes to fill out, you have nothing to lose if you ask for aid and potentially a lot to gain when it comes to paying for your education.

If you’re a Massachusetts resident looking to stay in state for college, filling out the FAFSA form makes you eligible for the MASSGrants and Mass part time grants, for students pursuing their first bachelors degree full time or part time and this can be included with other federal aid you may receive.

Keep in mind though, if you want to be considered for aid every year you're in school,  Learn more about FAFSA


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Independent Scholarships

Worried your grades won’t get you aid? Luckily, there are many websites and online databases where you can find scholarships for every topic under the sun. Some of these include scholarships for artwork, community service or even scholarship lotteries where can just fill in your contact information without even having to write an essay. Awards can range from $1000 to up to $20,000. While finding and applying for the scholarships you’re qualified for does require extra work, it will be worth it because private scholarships do not need to be repaid and you can apply for as many as you would like.  You can these scholarships on websites such as Fastweb, The College Board, and All these websites are there to help you find scholarships uniquely suited to you.

For students who still have questions about applying for financial aid at Fisher, the Financial Aid office made a comprehensive video that answers questions from how to apply for aid to figuring out the best types of private loans, and more. The office of Financial Aid also has a Net Price Calculator tool to help you figure out what Fisher would cost you and your family.

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