By Giuliana DePergola

In recent years, college esports has exploded onto the competitive gaming scene, captivating students and spectators alike with its blend of competition, teamwork, and technological innovation. From popular games like League of Legends and Overwatch, to niche titles like Hearthstone and Rocket League, college esports seemingly has something to satisfy every competitive gamer.

Since 2014, when Robert Morris University first established its varsity esports program, the Collegiate esports industry has rapidly expanded, and hundreds of other institutions followed in their footsteps, including Fisher College. In summer of 2022, Fisher announced the launch of its own varsity-led esports program, pioneering the program to new heights with games that include Rocket League, Valorant, and Overwatch, but also as a new concentration for business majors: esports administration.

The recipe for Fisher’s esports success is no secret. The single most important ingredient is to have a strong foundation, which is what director of the Esports program, Bryan Hummel, along with assistant director, Aaron Colaiacomo, have made a priority. Their recruitment strategy focuses on players skilled in the game, but also who demonstrate dedication, hand-eye coordination, and effective communication. Additionally, the program recognizes the importance of managers such as Natalie Huynh, also known as Nat, who play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations. Nat explained that dedicated managers assist students with match schedules, game times, and time management of their academic responsibilities between practice and games. Everyone in the esports program has a role -- from the coaches to the marketing and broadcast director, to the managers and players -- so this program can flourish and succeed.

The program has experienced remarkable success in the past year, particularly in the last semester when they secured an impressive 21 trophies across various esports competitions such as NECC, NACE, ECAC, CRL, and CVAL, including 9 NECC titles, 3 NACE titles, 6 ECAC titles, and more. This success can be attributed to a strong foundation, skilled players, and effective communication. However, beyond the trophies, what truly sets the program apart is the sense of family and community fostered among its players.

Jackson Brown, marketing director for the Fisher Esports program, shared: “Fisher is really community-based, and the support of our community helps our players thrive. We support our players by watching their matches and wishing them luck before they compete. He added, “Managers will even arrange to get food for players if they are stuck in a tournament. We make it as easy as possible for the player to focus on the game.”

The success of the Fisher Esports program is predicted to flourish even more next year, as was evident following a discussion with Nat, who was able to share more about the program and her expectations for next year. She said, “I see the program expanding and being even more successful than it was during the first year. Now that we have established ourselves, we will hopefully be able to recruit more students and obtain more resources such as equipment, sponsors, etc.”

The program has already made significant connections, including securing a booth at the successful Pax East, as well as providing students with opportunities to work at events like the Boston Breach at Fenway Park. Overall, the Fisher Esports program has achieved remarkable accomplishments within one year, and the program shows promising potential for even greater success in the future.

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Giuliana DePergola is a first-year Communication and Media Studies major at Fisher College. She can be reached by email:

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