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While this school year is going to be more “normal” than last year, starting a new school year and adjusting to constantly changing rules is hard. Here are some tips to keep up your physical and emotional wellness even in the most uncertain of times.


You don’t have to be a gym rat to get quality exercise. While activities such as running and yoga are great, you can always take a walk to get your daily dose of exercise. Fisher’s campus is so close to so many wonderful Boston landmarks. If you want more nature in your scenery, you can explore the Boston Common and the esplanade right by campus. We’ve all heard about the physical benefits of exercise, but studies show that just being outside and moving will improve your mental health.

black woman exercising with airpods in city street


Take Breaks

We know that Fisher students are busy between classes, extracurricular activities, and internships, but it’s important to take some time that’s just for you. Whether it’s spending quality time with a friend, watching Netflix, or simply taking some time to sit and do nothing, do whatever it takes for you to restore your energy.

brunette woman relaxing in fall leaves


Drinking water has a lot of great health benefits: preventing dehydration, helping us digest food, keeping our skin looking young, and boosting energy.  But did you know that drinking water is also good for your mental health? Hydration can help keep anxiety and depression at bay and people who drink more water are generally calmer and more content. (Both Healthline and the National Institute of Health back this up!)

Asian man drinking water in gym

Seek Help if You Need It

We all need help sometimes, and there is absolutely no shame in that! Make sure you have a strong support network around you, whether that be family, friends, or even counseling services. Fisher’s counseling services offer 1:1 therapy, crisis counseling, support groups, and more in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space.  

Black man and black woman in therapy


It’s okay to not always be okay or not always know how to deal with stress or uncertainty. We are here to make sure that you are not alone. Learn more about our health and wellness services.

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