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Fisher Forward: Our Stance Against Racism

Dear Fisher College Community Members:

Our values do not allow us to be silent. Systemic violence against black people cannot be tolerated in what we claim to be a fair and just society. Our Fisher College community is made up of many diverse students, faculty, and staff. Being committed to a safe and inclusive academic experience means we live by a set of principles that compel us to take a stance denouncing racism and prejudice in all its forms, whether institutional or individual.

We do not support violence against people or property. We do support equity, due process, and the equal application of justice.  

Since 1903, Fisher College has been an institution of higher education and upward social mobility for people of all races, ethnicities, and genders.  Within our educational mission, we strive to play a role in bringing about a society that is both just and secure. Our college has a special, historical obligation to serve as a point of educational access for the people of Boston, especially first generation students and students from underrepresented groups. Our student diversity is also national and global: last year we welcomed students from 35 states and 38 countries.

Our ongoing efforts, including a virtual town hall meeting for the College community, will provide a safe place for all of us to engage in real talk and share our feelings and possible solutions. We are open to suggestions from the community about additional discussions, events or services.

In this stressful time, students who feel they could benefit from professional mental health services are invited to contact Fisher College’s Counseling Services at 617-236-8894 and .

Change of hearts, minds, and institutions will not come in a day.  But as an institution of higher education that has publicly committed itself to the values of diversity and civility, transparency and open communication, and service to the larger world, we must take our place in the process of social change, and call others to do the same.

Dr. Alan Ray
Fisher College

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