Esports and the Flexibility of an Online Degree

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Meet Roodman Moron Granadillo, whose college journey brought him from studying industrial engineering in Venezuela, to explore competitive gaming in Mexico, and then to the United States to compete with the Fisher College Esports team.

Now, as a pro-gamer and League of Legends player, Roodman Moron Granadillo is able to pursue his passion in gaming. His enrollment in Fisher College set him on a path to follow through on his educational goal in earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

Roodman’s interest as a gamer began in his youth. He had always been organized, curious, competitive, and ready to face challenges, so when he was offered the opportunity to play professionally in Mexico, Roodman accepted the challenge. He ultimately fell in love with competitive gaming and the environment surrounding tournaments. The Esports community of talented individuals impressed him enough to elevate his own role in competitive gaming.

“I was not able to finish my degree in Venezuela, and I always knew I wanted to go back to school and earn my degree,” he said. “Combining my interest in esports with my academic growth was a no-brainer.”

Roodman was on the right track to earn his degree online while competing with the college Esports team. The flexibility of an online program kept him motivated to continue his studies and earn his degree.

“My experience as a Fisher College online student has been great,” he shared. “The program provides flexibility within my schedule, which leads to the ease of team practices and time spent on classwork. Students have tons of resources here -- from tutoring to providing a sport psychologist to players like myself to prevent burnout. It’s a comfortable place to grow.”  

Roodman competed in the Collegiate League of Legends tournament, one of the largest League of Legends tournaments in the nation, where he represented Fisher College and the Esports team.

“My motivation to keep playing is winning, I hate losing, especially when it’s something I’m really passionate about. My coaches and teammates have been a great support, and I believe we can achieve everything we put our mind into.” 

Roodman believes his success within the program is attributed to solid time management skills, his ambition to succeed, a competitive nature, and college support.

“I believe this program best for students who have busy schedules and might not be able to move to Boston. Realistically, Esports doesn't require students to be on-campus to practice, and online classes provide a platform to grow academically; therefore, your computer is your field of practice. The online classes offer students a lot of guidance, and all the professors I have had so far have been amazing -- and always go the extra mile for all students.”