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5 Things 'Encanto' Teaches About the Workplace

Are you a student looking for internships? A recent graduate starting your job search? Been in the workforce a few years? No matter where you are in your career, here are five lessons from Disney’s newest movie, Encanto, that can teach us about the workplace.

1. Work-Life Balance is Important

Luisa Madrigal can do it all: she can move bridges and carry all the town’s donkeys at once without breaking a sweat. At least, that’s what we think until she reveals in the song “Surface Pressure” how she feels the weight of her family and the town’s expectations.

At work, you may want to prove yourself by going above and beyond, but it’s important not to burn yourself out in the process. You may feel the need to take on extra projects or work more hours, but you will be a much happier and better employee if you make sure to prioritize your personal life as well as your job.

2. Your Boss is Under Pressure Too

Although Abuela, the matriarch of the family, treated the protagonist Mirabel like a nuisance who was in the way and unfairly blamed all the problems on her, she later showed her vulnerability when revealing her own struggles to keep the family together.

Your boss may be struggling under the pressure of deadlines, expectations from their boss, or stress at home. While there are lines of respectful behavior that shouldn’t be crossed, realizing your boss’s humanity after they chastise you for a minor mistake will go a long way towards building a successful relationship with them.

3. Your Coworkers Aren’t Always as They Seem

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you may have heard the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” which has recently reached the Billboard Top 100. In the film, Bruno Madrigal is the black sheep of the family who frightens others with his visions of the future, but once the audience meets him, he is revealed to be a loving person who only wants the best for the family.

You may meet a coworker who seems strange or rubs you the wrong way on first impression, but keep an open mind when getting to know them. They may turn out to be a friend or a great help on a big project.

4. Hard Work and Dedication are More Important than Raw Talent

The plot of the movie revolves around how Mirabel Madrigal is the only member of her family without magical gifts or powers, but she does everything she can to keep the family and their magical house together. Similarly, your dedication and hard work will go a long way in helping you achieve your dreams. For example, even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, you may want to do more graphic design. In this case, you could take an online course or ask for tips from an artistic colleague. Bosses notice dedicated employees, and that will earn you a good reputation in the company!

5. Don’t Let Perfection Get in the Way of Innovation

Isabella Madrigal is seen as the golden child of the family. She creates beautiful rose gardens because that’s what the family wants, but in doing so, feels stuck in the box of being perfect. However, once she makes more unusual plants, vines, and even cactuses, she realizes that she can create even more beautifully by thinking outside the box.

Like Isabella, you may feel pressure to be a perfect employee, but don’t be afraid to share new ideas! There’s a good chance the company will appreciate a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at a problem they’ve been trying to solve for some time. For example, if you are the youngest member of your team, then you might be able to bring some fresh insights about your generation to older coworkers who might be trying to figure out ways to engage a new audience. This will not only be better for your career but will also put the company in a stronger position.

Planning to watch Encanto for your next movie night? While you're enjoying the catchy songs and beautiful animation, pay attention to these important lessons that will help you at work. 

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