10 Things to know about Boston

Student life at a small liberal arts college in Boston, Massachusetts

Student life at a small liberal arts college in Boston, Massachusetts

Every fall, 250,000 students move to Boston, including to the small liberal arts college that is Fisher College, where they begin their college careers. If you’re a prospective student and ready to apply to colleges, you will most likely have lots of questions.

Personally, as a college freshman at Fisher College, it wasn’t so long ago that I first applied to schools in Boston, and I didn’t find much information on what to expect from a college student’s perspective.

I’m happy to share some of my personal insights – and a guide to Boston. Here are 10 facts you’ll want to know as you prepare for your own college experience.


If there’s an event you want to go to with your friends but don’t want to spend money on an Uber, take the subway! Also known as the “T,” this underground train is the most used transportation within the city of Boston, and it has several lines to bring you just about wherever you might want to go. Download the “Transit” app on your smartphone to learn what color line(s) will get you where you want to go.


Whether you’re a local strolling around, or you’re new to visiting Boston, you’ll soon realize there are seemingly endless cuisine options that surround. There’s more to the food scene than the North End and China Town. Just take a walk and you’ see the restaurant options along the way.


Concerts, food festivals, and theater shows are happening all around Boston every month. At Fisher College, a poster is displayed in the mall, which highlights each month of activities of interest off-campus. Regardless of the season, there's always something happening in Boston.


New England has snowy winters that follow an eye-catching fall foliage along the Charles River – at the same time the first semester of college begins. In spring and summer, you are sure to notice the beautiful flowers in and along the Boston Common. Be ready to enjoy all four seasons.


One of the perks of being a student in a college city are the student discounts. Almost every restaurant, clothing store, and even museums offer student discounts. Places like H&M, AMC Theaters, McDonald’s and even some transportation offer discounts. Be sure to check with Fisher College’s Library to see what discounts are in partnership with the college (examples include Museum of Science and Domino’s Pizza).


The scenery in Boston is truly one-of-a-kind. There are historical sites throughout Boston, marking the most important events that have taken place in Massachusetts. The Charles River, for example, has beautiful sailboats all along the harbor throughout summer, and you can explore historical sites by walking the Freedom Trail.


It is true, Boston does run on Dunkin’. Almost everywhere you look there is a Dunkin’ Donuts shop. Make sure you grab your cup of Joe before heading to class.


Another perk of being a student at a small liberal arts college like Fisher College is having the resources to experience an internship within your major. Additionally, being in a city where there are job opportunities for almost every career. Whether you’re looking for a fulltime job or your first job Fisher College’s Career Services Team will ensure each student will be well prepared when they are ready to seek job opportunities.


When you visit Boston for the first time, you’ll first notice how many college students surround the area. Although moving to a city may be intimidating, the realization that you are one of 250,000 students in the city makes the transition easier. You’ll definitely be presented with several opportunities to make friends outside of college -- and with people in your age group.


Boston is home to many professional sports and teams that include The Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics. While you’re in the area, I highly recommend getting tickets to enjoy a game. In fact, one of Fisher’s welcoming weekends was giving students the opportunity to see a Red Sox game at a discounted price!

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