10 Advantages of Online Classes at Fisher College

Taking a course (or entire program) online is a great alternative to physically attending class. There are definite strong advantages to not only taking online courses, but choosing Fisher Online.

Now is the time – you made your decision to return to college. Still deciding if an online program is right for you? You’ve spent your entire educational life in a classroom: the chalkboard, assigned seats, group presentations, and attendance checks. You know what you are getting into, so how can a class you take from your couch, dining room table or coffee shop compare?

Taking a course (or entire program) online is a great alternative to physically attending class. There are definite strong advantages to not only taking online courses, but choosing Fisher Online. Keep reading to see the 10 biggest advantages to Fisher online programs.

#1 Online is an Affordable Education

Fisher College believes an education should be accessible, affordable and not break the bank. That is why our graduate program tuition is one of the most affordable in the Boston area. By skipping the classroom, you save on transportation cost, cut energy consumption by 90%, reduce CO2 emissions by 85%, and most importantly: time. Plus, we offer generous Financial Aid packages, scholarships, and Alumni Discounts to those that qualify.

#2 Reputable and Experienced

Fisher College, a private not for profit college accredited by the New England Counsel of Higher Education, has provided online courses for over twenty years - a pioneer in the educational frontier of off-campus learning; backed by over 116 years of educational experience. 

#3 Location and Convenience at your Fingertips 

Fisher's Graduate classes are offered 100% online - designed to fit your busy life. No need to rush home from work, throw an energy bar in your bag and sit in Boston traffic. Nearly 50% of online learners attend because other commitments limit their ability for in-class learning. Our online classes are ready right where you are: In the office, at home, or enjoying a coffee. 

#4 Accelerated Timeline that Fits your Schedule

Our online master’s degree programs are meant for the professional that doesn't have 2+ years to invest. Obtain your degree in as little as 15 months.

#5 Networking Opportunities to Help you Succeed

Your classes are online, but your professors know Boston. As professionals in their field of work, they can be gateways to your future. Plus our internship and business networks in the Boston and New England area can expand your professional contacts and open up doors to your next career.

#6 Access to Highly Dedicated Faculty

Fisher’s faculty is dedicated to providing every student a unique education. Faculty works closely with their students to understand and guide their aspirations, help them master academic content, acquire professional skills, pursue internships, meet potential employers, and assist them in pursing you next professional or academic goal.

#7 Innovative Teaching Methods

We embrace academic innovation for our students at every point in their professional development. As one of the first in the game, Fisher online is geared toward career-relevant education, and employer-relevant partnership programs.

#8 Our Faculty are not just Teachers - they are Mentors

Fisher values its faculty for their great talent and commitment to teaching success. Through close student-faculty interactions, your professor will strive for teaching excellence that reflects and respects the unique interests, needs and abilities of their students. 

#9 Fisher Knows Boston's Business

Fisher is the choice for young people and adults eager to utilize the vibrant commercial and professional resources of Boston to pursue higher education. Fisher prepares its students to enter the most in-demand professions, anywhere in the world, and succeed.

#10 Extended Boston Campus Accessibility

Your campus expands beyond online with accessibility to the Fisher College campus in historic Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood complete with a student lounge, Office of Career Services, full-access to Fisher Library resources, technology access - computer labs and work spaces, and other student resource areas. As an online student, you are still a member of the Fisher Community: join us at one of our Fisher Falcons athletic events or use our campus space to support your studies. 

Final Thoughts

Online programs are not for everyone - the classroom is ingrained in many minds as the only way to learn; but that is no longer the case. Online programs offer unique benefits including access to an education for those that might not have gone back otherwise. 

In this fast-paced world, online classes are a strong option - for you, and your future.

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