International Student and Soccer Player Tim Schwarz Finds a Home at Fisher College

  • Fisher Friday

Joining us all the way from the charming city of Wiesbaden, Germany, sport management major and international student Tim Schwarz found himself drawn to Boston, a city renowned for its rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant sports scene. When Fisher College extended its offer in the fall of 2022, Tim accepted with no hesitation, “I decided to go to Fisher College as soon as I got the offer in the Fall of 2022 because even before I had any offers at all, I wanted to study in Boston.”  


Growing up, Tim loved playing soccer, he started playing soccer at age five, joining clubs and continuing through his youth. His passion for the sport carried on into his collegiate career with an offer from Fisher to play for the men’s soccer team. Joining the athletics program at Fisher College as a soccer player for the 2023 season, Tim knew he had his work cut out for him, but he embraced the challenge. “Being part of the athletics program is a great honor. I love my teammates and our coach is a great person. In 2022, Tim and the Fisher Men’s Soccer Team set a new school record with twelve wins, and have their sights set on nationals, “We had a great season setting a new school record with 12 wins, but obviously the next step is going to nationals’ qualifiers and then nationals. I know that the whole team including me wants to achieve that milestone and will do everything in the upcoming season.”  


Tim’s choice of major stemmed from his love of soccer and wanting to incorporate his passions into a career, “I chose [sports management] as my major because sports plays a huge role in my life and I know that this is the thing I enjoy doing the most, so working in that industry will be the right career step for me.” Inspired by his parents, grandpa, and his favorite soccer player, Toni Kroos, Tim hopes to pursue a career in the sports industry.  


Living on campus has further enriched his college experience at Fisher, known for its tight-knit community and small population. “The community is very small so after a few months you know almost all the faces which makes it easy to connect with others. Living in Boston is an amazing experience, you have everything you need within a 15-minute walking distance. There is a lot to do and new things to discover,” Tim explains.  


He has enjoyed the city experience, and all that Boston has to offer although very different from his hometown. Tim enjoyed immersing himself in a new culture as an international student. As a student from Germany, Tim offers his advice to those who are considering studying in the US. “I highly recommend studying in the US because it is a great experience and opportunity for everyone. [Don’t] be shy, experience new things, and meet new people.” 


Congratulations to Tim and the men's soccer team on their achievements!