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About the Psychology Department

Meet Our Program Director Dr Tünde Turi-Marković

Dr.Tünde Turi-Marković is an Associate Professor, teaching courses in the Psychology and Human Service program. Prior to teaching, she worked as a mental health counselor in variety of settings, such as inpatient, residential, community center, and college counseling center. Teaching and working with students has always been a passion, and the goal in the classroom is to help students become critical thinkers while also learning how to apply and adapt the information they are learning about. In addition to teaching, advising, and attending to administrative duties, Prof. Turi-Markovic enjoys working with students on a variety of individual research projects. Every year, she mentors students with their own research interests and projects, in addition to pursuing research on areas that she is passionate about. These research interests include examining how social media impacts the overall health and well-being of individuals, while also examining the impact on interpersonal relationships and anxiety.