Biology Department

What Can You Do With a Biology Degree?

Meet Our Program Director Dr. Patrick Kearns

Patrick Kearns is the head of Biology Department at Fisher College

Dr. Kearns started as program director of biology at Fisher College in fall 2020. Prior to joining Fisher College, Dr. Kearns was a full-time faculty member at UMass Boston and had teaching positions at other Boston-area schools. He completed his bachelors degree in biology and history from the University of Massachusetts Boston and obtained his doctorate in microbiology and marine biology from Northeastern University with Dr. Jennifer Bowen. Following his doctorate, Dr. Kearns completed two postdoctoral research positions at Michigan State University and Tufts University.

Using a combination of bioinformatics, multivariate statistical analyses, and next-generation sequencing, Dr. Kearns’ research probes the ecology of microorganisms in complex environments. The majority of Dr. Kearns’ work has focused on understanding the link between human activities (e.g. nutrient pollution) and how it impacts the function of soil and sediment microbial communities. In addition, Dr. Kearns has researched how microorganisms impact host physiology in amphibians, plants, and fish.

To read some of Dr. Kearns’ research, please see his Google Scholar page