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Student Spotlights

Natalie Huynh ‘24

Starting college during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Natalie, a.k.a. Nat, knew she needed a change of scenery and a new experience as she embarked on her college journey. Following an offer to be the Valorant team manager with Fisher’s new Esports program, she decided a transfer to Fisher would be the best plan so she could be more involved on campus and participate in extracurricular activities.

Nat shared, “As a team manager for the Valorant team, my responsibilities include registering the players for tournaments/leagues, creating a weekly schedule, booking scrimmages for them, traveling with the team to LANs, and more.”

“The Esports facility and its high performing PCs and internet are one of my favorite things at Fisher,” she said, “as well as being able to be on campus with my teams and other students in the program, and having the opportunity to travel to tournaments and represent Fisher with the support of the school, all of which has helped me shape and enjoy my college experience more than ever before.”

As an IT major, Nat enjoys working on programming projects to apply what she learned in class. Natalie’s goal after graduation is to continue working in the Esports Industry, either with management or doing something related to her degree, such as networking or being a hardware technician

Lois Cougoulou ‘25

Originally from Marseille, France, Lois has a profound passion for soccer, which helped him explore different parts of the world Including Boston. He chose to pursue that love by majoring in Sport Management with the aim to be more involved in the sports world - where he will take his experience and put it into action.

After transferring from California, Lois found a new home at Fisher College. "It’s a comfortable environment, and I get to meet genuine people - hanging out with my teammates on and off the field.”

He has been finding excellent connections in the community, giving him the drive to become a better student-athlete throughout his college years. “We can only enjoy being here because of the school environment and its amazing city.”

"Perspective is everything and helps me see the good in every situation.”

Jose Neris '24

Following his dream of playing college baseball, the Puerto Rican native made the decision to move to Boston and attend Fisher College where he can combine pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice with playing ball for the Fisher Baseball Team

Jose wishes to continue his education and attend law school in PR where he can make a difference in his community – and have a side hustle in real estate! “I love marketing and content creation; I also love real estate and house renovation. I want to combine both passions so I can share the insight of the renovation process with everyone in video and visual formats.”

Jose closes out with some advice to new students: “Make sure you enjoy every aspect of college, inside and outside the classroom. You never know where opportunity and interactions you have might lead you.”

Kalia Zellmer '26

Sophmore year can be challenging for students; however, for Kalia it's another season of new opportunities that she is ready to tackle. Moving from her home city of Mill Creek, Washington, Kalia not only adapted to her new surroundings, but she immersed herself in the Fisher community. She is an honor student, and a student-athlete playing ball for the Fisher College Softball team.

Growing up, Kalia played sports and attended multiple sporting events, which led to her making an easy decision -- Marketing within the Sports Industry.

Kalia enjoys Fisher’s small classroom sizes that enable her to easily access help from her professors. Boston feels like home to her, and Fisher has given her reassurance for her future success – and that making the move ‘cross country was right for her.

Kalia’s goal after graduation is to work for a professional sports team. Whether she’ll stay in Boston and live out her dream of working for the Red Sox, or travel back home and work for the Seahawks, Kalia is sure of one thing: she would love to apply all she’s learned in a field to which she is impassioned. If Kalia could offer advice to prospective Fisher students, it would be: “Transitioning to college is a new chapter in life. This is where you’re going to grow from the past and find your true self. I would encourage students to try and make the most of their college experience. Whether it’s joining different clubs or running for Student Government, make your mark at Fisher so you can reflect and say, ‘I did that’.”