Student Stories

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Aya Al Juraishi '22

After starting her college journey in her hometown of Los Angeles, Aya knew that she needed a change in scenery and a new experience. That’s when she decided to move to Boston and attend Fisher College. “I love change. I wanted to experience living across the country on the east coast, and I knew Boston was a special place, the whole city is stunning.”

Aya's love for sports started from a very young age, and when she was first introduced to volleyball in High School, she immediately fell in love with it. “I have been playing Volleyball for 7 years now and I love it. My favorite thing about playing collegiate volleyball is all the amazing memories I get to make with my teammates while traveling. Those are my favorite memories, and I wouldn't change it for the world.”

Aya's dream of pursuing a college degree goes beyond her personal academic and athletic goals and is a source of pride for her family. "It is very important to my family that I am pursuing a degree and playing volleyball because my family values education very much. I come from a first-generation background, so my parents have always pushed education on my brother and me. My dad came to America from the Middle East and never had the opportunity to go to college, so to him especially this is very important."

Obed Delvoix '23

After learning more about the Criminal Justice program through visiting campus and meeting with faculty members, Obed knew Fisher would be a great fit for him. “The thing I like the most about my major is that it involves advocacy, counseling and rehabilitating criminals, and investigating. There’s a variety of avenues within the field of criminal justice such as Teaching and Research, Judiciary and Law, Corrections, Community Health Centers, Federal Bureau of Prison, Social Services, and more. I love the fact that you have a plethora of options and choices.”

Obed is a first-generation student, which is not only exciting for him as he navigates his way through college but also for his family and friends who have always encouraged and supported him. “I was born and raised in Boston as a Haitian-American; my parents immigrated here to America from Haiti. My parents have always told me and my siblings that they wanted to come here to the States to give us better opportunities. When I first came to Fisher, I had no clue how the next chapter of my life was going to pan out, but over my time here things really started clicking for me.” 

Obed’s goal after graduation is to pursue a career in the legal field as an attorney, lawyer, or public advocate. “The impact I want to have is making a change in people’s lives – especially in the criminal justice field where we see so many irregularities, discrimination, and unruly & unfair sentences. But I want to put a bright spotlight on the loopholes that exist in the criminal justice system, knowing that all those loopholes and irregularities can be fixed.”

Revica Berhe '25

The first year Fashion Merchandising student, originally from Ethiopia, describes her journey at Fisher College and Boston as "once in a life time experience." 

"Living in the South End, I love that it’s so close to my house. “As a commuter student, Revica goes on to express that Fisher is very accessible and has many forms of transportation to get to school whether that’s walking, taking the train, or bus.

Revica is also a member of the Fisher College Fashion Society on campus. Revica explains her engagement at the Fashion club as.. “At the fashion club, I love how we can just go places, have photo shoots, cool stuff like that.” Aesthetically said from a fashion major.

As she wraps up her first year at Fisher, Revica describes her favorite thing at Fisher being the students and staff! "Everyone here is very nice, all trying to help you. Especially first year students, so this helped me a lot and it sure will help you as well”

The sophomore falcon encourage all students to "Ask questions! Find out more about the school and about YOUR future! There are a lot of resources here at Fisher.”

Francisco Gonzalez '23

The Haverhill native always knew he wanted to experience living in the city, where he would not only be exposed to more opportunities, but would also be able to push outside his comfort zone and build meaningful friendships. “I love Boston; I love this city and how much energy it contains. There are so many different and interesting places, people, and things to learn about. You never get bored, and even if you do, who cares, you’re bored in the city! Aside from that, I feel that Boston is really a networking hub because there are so many colleges nearby.”

After having a conversation in Alumni Hall with Coach Mac during the activity fair, Cisco decided to join the Fisher College Cross Country Team where he got the chance to participate in many races such as the Suffolk Invitational. “Never would I have imagined myself running, but here I am! Since I was a new runner, I was worried I wouldn’t be as good or on the same playing field as everyone else. But that mindset really holds you back. Once you get out of your own head, you can really do anything.”