Student Stories

Karzima Carvajal '23

We had the pleasure of interviewing Karizma and we got to ask her for an inside look on her major and she stated…”My favorite thing about my major is that it is aimed around the age group I want to work with, and I think that it’s very important the infants and toddlers get special attention so that their developmental needs are met and cared for.”

When asked what she likes most about Fisher and any highlights she has had in her time here she explains “I love how involved the students are with one another, through their sports, or through activities thrown together… there was a kayaking event on the Charles and another time we went to an improv show in the North End!”

Lastly, Karizma was also one of our Falcons who went on the Habitat for Humanity trip this spring break, and she leaves us with some inspiring words about this opportunity at Fisher…”A piece of advice I’d give others who want to go on the trip, don’t let the fear of doing something different or something you haven’t done before stop you. It almost kept me from applying for the trip. Fisher offers great opportunities for students and if you love to travel I think this is a great experience to put yourself out there and break you out of your comfort zone a little bit.

Jackson Brown '23

Since moving from Canada to Boston, Jackson believes that his career in esports has taken a positive turn. Jackson felt the move was “the best decision I’ve made for my career”; he’s been able to make important connections with students, faculty, and many different companies in the industry he is the most passionate about.

At Fisher College, the esports team is a top three team in the nation. Jackson’s role is to manage player’s schedules and help with recruiting efforts in his role as a student ambassador for the Office of Admissions, and director of the esports podcast. He is incredibly proud of the success the nascent esports teams has had so far in its short tenure. As the industry booms, Jackson hopes to spread the word on esports and share more information on what esports is. Jackson adds that, “esports requires a lot of focus, brain power and involves strategizing your every move in each game”.

Post-graduation, Jackson hopes to continue working on managing esport teams as well as working on creative projects such as broadcasting. Jackson imparts this advice: “Get involved! There are several opportunities that Fisher provides for students to get involved with others. It’s a community here at Fisher, whether it be joining a sport, an activity or a club, it’s a great way to build relationships and connections with everyone around you”.

Jose Neris '24

Following his dream of playing college baseball, the Puerto Rican native made the decision to move to Boston and attend Fisher College where he can combine pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice with playing ball for the Fisher Baseball Team

Jose wishes to continue his education and attend law school in PR where he can make a difference in his community – and have a side hustle in real estate! “I love marketing and content creation; I also love real estate and house renovation. I want to combine both passions so I can share the insight of the renovation process with everyone in video and visual formats.”

Jose closes out with some advice to new students: “Make sure you enjoy every aspect of college, inside and outside the classroom. You never know where opportunity and interactions you have might lead you.”

Jasmin Jovel Platero '24

After starting her college journey during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jasmin knew that she needed a change to get the full experience of college and made the decision to transfer to Fisher College. “Before coming to Fisher College, I was at Pine Manor College. They started to close down during my Freshman year, and I was very nervous about what my next steps would be. After much thought and discussion with professors, I decided that Fisher would be a great transfer option for me. I am a commuter student and Fisher College was very easy to get to from home. One of the professors at my old college also expressed to me that the biology program here at Fisher was growing rapidly and it would be a good idea to continue my studies here. I was excited to move because it would be my first on campus experience since due to COVID my Freshmen year was all virtual. Now that I’m here, I’m grateful for the decision I made. The thing that I liked the most about Fisher was the size of the classes. Lecture halls have always intimidated me and here at Fisher I am able to build a one-on-one connection with my professors every day in class.”

Jasmin goal after graduating is to become a doctor and help reach the community of immigrants who fear to go to the doctor due to a language barrier. “My advice for students who are considering coming to Fisher would be to learn to love the city! All of Back Bay is our campus and it's a beautiful sight across all seasons. Duck boat rides, walking to the Prudential Center, the possibilities are endless!”