After Applying

Once all of your information has been submitted and reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid, a financial aid award letter will be created for you. If you are a first-year applicant, you must first be accepted as a degree seeking candidate before an offer can be created for you. The financial aid award letter will outline the aid that you are eligible to receive for the specified academic year. Please pay close attention to the language contained in the offer of assistance. Depending on the type of aid you receive, the award letter will provide important information about the paperwork and processes that are necessary to obtain federal loans, student employment positions, or other sources of financial aid.

You do not need to submit additional information, such as tax transcripts, to the Office of Financial Aid unless we specifically request this information. Should we need to request additional documents from you, we will indicate this to you in writing.

Financial Aid Awarding Timelines

Freshmen and Transfer Students that have met the priority filing dates can expect to receive their awards between the beginning of March and June. Students that have been selected for verification will receive a tentative award that will be finalized once the verification process is complete.

Returning ​students who have submitted the FAFSA by the April 1 priority filing date can expect to receive award letters between May and July. Students that have been selected for verification will not receive award letters until the process is complete.

Accepting You Award

Fisher College does not require that you officially accept your offer of assistance in writing. We will assume that you accept the entire aid package unless you specifically notify us in writing that you wish to decline all or part of the award. Additional documentation, such as a master promissory note (MPN), is required for Federal Direct Loans.

Mater Promissory Notes
In order to accept a Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized) students must complete an online entrance interview and a master promissory note (MPN) for the loan to be processed. Online entrance interviews and MPNs can be completed at  The Federal Direct Loan will not be processed until the entrance interview and MPN is complete.

Declining You Award
Should you decide to decline any part of your award, we ask you indicate in writing which type(s) of assistance you are declining. Please sign, date, and return the letter to our office; you may wish to make a copy of it for your files. ​Please send written notification to  

Reducing Your Award
Should you decide to reduce any part of your award, we ask you indicate in writing which type(s) of assistance you are reducing. Please sign, date, and return the letter to our office; you may wish to make a copy of it for your files. ​Please send written notification to  

Federal Work Study
Federal student employment is awarded to eligible students as part of the self-help component of the financial aid package. This money is not deducted from your bill.. Students may apply for available jobs through with their Fisher College email.

Disbursement of Aid

Disbursements of financial aid are directly made to the student account after the add/drop period of each semester once enrollment, residency, grade level and program status have been confirmed and all necessary requirements have been met (i.e. loan entrance counseling and/or promissory notes, etc.). All Financial Aid funds, including alternative loan funds, are disbursed directly to the ​student account.

Verification and Forms

Approximately one-third of all financial aid applicants are selected by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Fisher College Financial Aid Office to verify the accuracy of information provided on the FAFSA. If you have been selected for verification, your offer of assistance is tentative, pending the completion of the verification process. If you are a returning student, you will not receive a financial aid award letter until the verification process is complete.

You will be required to complete the verification worksheet and provide a tax transcript for yourself and your parents. Upon receipt of the required materials, we will finalize the review of your application for financial aid. If documentation is not received by the established deadline, your offer of assistance could be canceled.

Should the verified financial information differ significantly from the original information provided on the FAFSA, your aid may have to be adjusted. Please be sure to respond to requests for follow-up documentation in a timely manner to avoid delays in applying your financial aid as a credit to your student account.

Forms and Resources 

Discrepant Data 

The Financial Office is required by the Federal government to resolve all discrepant data presented on the FAFSA. If it is determined that there is discrepant data on your financial aid applications, additional documents may be requested to resolve the discrepancy. If necessary, we will review your aid eligibility using the correct data. In some cases revisions to original offers will be made and a revised Offer of Financial Assistance will be sent to you.