Dual Enrollment Program

Get a Head Start On College

Our dual enrollment program gives you a chance to earn college credits FOR FREE while you're still in high school.  You can hit the ground running both academically and financially, not to mention that the experience will boost your resume. Learn more about what you can gain from this program below.

Advantages of the Dual Enrollment Program


Students in the dual enrollment program can start college with half a semester's worth of credits under their belts and can graduate in less than four years

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Students can take one course per semester in the Fall and Spring of their junior or senior years and save up to $6000 for their first semester. In addition, students who complete the program also earn a $20,000 scholarship.

Choose from seven courses that cover a wide variety of subjects, from Latin American history to art and design to computer programming---all for free

Dual Enrollment Program Courses

CM105: Introduction to Public Speaking

(M/W and T/Th 3:30-4:45 p.m.) 

An introductory course in communication and oral presentation skills; students will explore the theory and process of human communication. Emphasis is placed on oral and written communication, organization of thoughts and materials, and techniques of public presentation.

GV101 American Government


An analysis of American democratic institutions and the process of American government with emphasis on the decision-making process, including political parties and pressure groups, Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and voting patterns and behaviors.

PH101: Introduction to Philosophy


This course is designed as a “topics-based” introduction to philosophy. It focuses on important philosophical questions and examines what historical and contemporary philosophers and other writers have said about them. The course will address such topics as the uses of logic, the relation between the mind and the body, questions of human freedom and justice, the nature and existence of the divine, and the foundations of morality.

Woman in front of computer

(T 3:30-4:45PM)

This course provides an overview of the capabilities, use, and limitations of computers and their applications.All facets of information systems are discussed: hardware, software, networks, communication, security, and the Internet. Applications of technology in the areas of management, communications, information systems, and education are discussed. Students will perform extensive labs to develop competencies in file management, Word, Power Point, and Excel.

HI 211: History of Latin America


This survey of major themes in Latin-American history covers the cultural , socio-political, and economic systems of Pre-Columbian empires, Spanish and Portuguese conquest and colonization, the struggle for independence and integration in the world economy in the 19th century, and industrial and agricultural developments to the present.

Application for the Dual Enrollment Program


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