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Video Production (BA)

About the Video Production Bachelor Degree Concentration 

The Video Production concentration of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies instructs students on the art and craft of digital video production. Emphasizing field production and non-linear editing, students are taught to use the medium for effective storytelling. Acquiring skills in pre-production planning, camera composition and shooting, and post-production editing, students use Adobe Premiere Pro to complete individual and group projects. In addition to television and video production, production skills are desired in a number of industries including sports marketing, corporate media, higher education, and non-profit social advocacy organizations.  

Learning Outcomes

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies (BAC), Video Production concentration will have the opportunity to achieve the learning objectives of the BAC, in addition to the following concentration-specific learning objectives:

  • Understand the storytelling role video production plays in society and the rhetorical power of stories to inform, to persuade, and to entertain.
  • Recognize the power of visual images and the ethical responsibility of filmmakers to treat their subjects and audience with respect.
  • Identify the primary functions of scriptwriting, producing, directing, and editing and the full-time positions available in each.
  • Acquire fundamental digital camera operations and shooting/composition aesthetics.
  • Edit video projects on the Adobe Premiere Pro editing platform.
  • Develop an editing aesthetic for both visual and aural elements of a project.
  • Create a documentary or short video production.
Video Production Career Track

Opportunities to work in the entertainment industry continue to expand as the Internet, social media, and television streaming apps have increased platform availability and the never-ending need for more media content.  Students can pursue creative options in the industry such as screenwriters, directors, and editors.  Other positions such as camera operator, production assistant, and audio assistant are directly responsible for technical aspects of a production.  Aside from traditional media jobs in entertainment, video production majors can find employment at video production houses and local cable stations or in marketing-communication departments at hospitals, colleges, and numerous corporate industries.

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Communications and Media Studies Program: Video Production Concentration

First Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CM100 Introduction to Human Communications 3  
CM101 Introduction to Mass Communication   3
CM220 Introduction to Digital Video Production   3
CS101 Computer Concepts and Applications  3  
EN101 English I 3  
EN102 English II   3
IS105 Common Experience 1  
PS101 Introduction of Psychology   3
  Free Elective 3  
  Humanities Elective   3
  Math/Science/Computer Science 3  
  Total Credit 16 15


Second Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CM105 Public Speaking   3
CM203 Media Writing 3  
CM230 Introduction to Film Studies 3  
CM320 Advanced Digital Video Production 3  
CS116 Introduction to Graphic Design   3
EN201 Intermediate Writing   3
MA121 Basic Statistics  3  
  Computer Science Elective 3  
  Social Science Elective   3
  Free Elective    3
  Total Credits 15 15

Third Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CM300 Communication Theory 3  
CM400 Media Criticism    3
CM420/CM435 Documentary Productions/ Independent Project   3
IS220 Preparation for Careers and Life after College   3
  Humanities Elective 3  
  Science Elective 3/4  
  Social Science Elective   3
  Free Elective 6 3
  Total Credits 15/16 15

Fourth Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CM415/CM425 Communication and Gender/Media Ethics 3  
CM450 Senior Seminar   3
CM460 Communication and Media Studies Internship 3  
  English Elective   3
  Global Awareness Elective 3  
  Free Elective 6 9
  Total Credits 15 15