Sport Management

About the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

(Boston Campus)

As the sport industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past few decades, sport operations and activities have become more complex and sophisticated and this has led to the demand for well-prepared sport management professionals. Fisher College’s Sport Management degree integrates the liberal arts, business administration, and sport sciences to prepare students with thec onceptual knowledge and practical skills necessary to becoming successful sport management professionals in the sport industry.

The degree examines the disciplinary foundations of sport management and engages students in the learning process with experiential learning activities and real-world applications in case studies and assignments. The degree offers students the opportunity to gain critical professional knowledge and life- long skills that are required to successfully compete in today’s job market. Graduating with a sport management degree leads to jobs in a wide variety of private, public, and non-profitsettings.

Program Requirements

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 120
Term Length: 8-weeks 
Typical Time to Completion*:
20 terms; 3 years, 4 months
Credits: 120
Semester Length: 15-weeks
Typical Time to Completion:
4 years