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Sport Management (BS)

About the Sport Management Bachelor Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Sport Management program at Fisher College is committed to fostering educational excellence through a carefully designed sport management curriculum that examines the disciplinary foundations of sport management and organization. This curriculum provides a strong base of fundamental management knowledge and professional skills to prepare students for the unique demands of business and the global sport industry.

The sport management program builds on the liberal arts foundation to develop students who possess strong analytical abilities, critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills. The program examines the disciplinary foundations of sport management by engaging the student in the learning process with collaborative and practical experiences. The program emphasizes the value of leadership, teamwork, professional writing, and oral communication skills. Graduates from the program will have a foundation of business management knowledge, transferable skills and will be prepared for a diverse array of careers in business and sport industries

Learning Outcomes
  • This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop the following competencies and ability to:
  • Implement professional writing and oral communication skills.
  • Utilize leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Examine and appraise the sport industry and its relationship to culture and society in the United States and globally.
  • Compare and relate how management theory applies to real world practice.
  • Demonstrate an ability to network with sport industry professionals.
  • Recognize and evaluate ethical decision-making and the economic priorities and social responsibilities of sport organizations in society.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical abilities in the creation of a culminating project to highlight their professional capabilities.
Sport Management Career Track

Graduates of the Sport Management degree have the chance to work in a variety of highly sought-after jobs, as the opportunity to work with professional, collegiate, or recreational athletics attracts many professionals from a variety of disciplines. The success of sport organizations relies on the same financial, operational, and marketing functions that are required of any other business. The Sport Management Degree prepares its graduates to perform these fundamental skills, with specialized knowledge of issues specific to the sport industry. With these assets, graduates can gain jobs as athletics administrators, sport marketing and public relations professionals, game day and event coordinators, facility operations managers, guest relations managers, corporate partnerships managers, sales executives, and sport agents and recruiters.

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Sport Management Program Requirements

First Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CS101 Computer Concepts and Applications  3  
CS245 Management Application and Information Systems   3
EC101 Macroeconomics    3
EN101 English I 3  
EN102 English II   3
IS105 Common Experience 1  
PS101 Introduction to Psychology    3
SM101 Introduction to the Sport Industry 3  
SM105 History of Sport in American History   3
  Math/Science/Computer Science Elective 3  
  Free Elective 3  
  Total Credit 16 15


Second Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
AC121 Financial Accounting 3  
AC122  Managerial Accounting   3
CM105 Public Speaking   3
EC102 Microeconomics  3  
IS220 Preparation for Careers and Life after College   3
MA121 Basic Statistics 3  
MG201 Principles of Management  3  
MK201 Principles of Marketing   3
SM240 Sport Management and Public Relations    3
SM302 Sport Sales 3  
  Total Credits 15 15

Third Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
SM304 Sport Law   3
SM320 Principles of Ethics and Leadership in Sport Management  3  
SM415 Sport Facility and Event Management 3  
SM420  Sport in the Global Market   3
  Social Science Elective 3 3
  Science Elective 3  
  Program Elective   3
  Free Elective 3 3
  Total Credits 15 15


Fourth Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
SM450 Senior Seminar in Sport Management   3
SM460 Sport Management Internship I 3  
SM461 Sport Management Internship II1   3
  Humanities Elective  3  
  English Elective   3
  Program Elective 3 3
  Free Elective(s) 6 3
  Total Credits 15 15
1 May be fulfilled with a program director-approved research project or a 400 level course.