Sport Coaching and Fitness

About the Sport Coaching and Fitness Concentration 

The Sport Coaching and Fitness concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree is an interdisciplinary curriculum designed for students who are interested in developing their knowledge of athletics, coaching, and fitness. It prepares students interested in pursuing careers in fitness and coaching at the youth, high school or college levels. It provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for competence in fitness instruction and sport coaching.

Program Requirements

Learning Outcomes

This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop the following competencies and ability to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge in all areas of a sport organization
  • Compare and relate how management theory applies to real world practice
  • Define the role of athletic conditioning and training principles in the enhancement of athletic performance
  • Recognize the health benefits of physical activity and fitness
  • Examine fitness and sport specific needs for program development within a cultural context
  • Describe the fundamentals of general health and fitness
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical abilities in evaluating fitness and athletic performance


Sport Coaching and Fitness Career Track

The Sport Coaching and Fitness concentration prepares students for careers in fitness and athletics development. It also provides students with a foundation in business management to prepare students for careers managing and administering sport, recreation, and fitness. The degree provides students with the opportunity to become certified personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. Students who graduate with a degree in Sport Coaching and Fitness may pursue careers in sport coaching, athletics administration, fitness instruction, and managing sport, recreation, and fitness programs. Graduates will also be prepared to pursue a master’s degree in kinesiology or athletics training. 

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 121
Learning Format: On Campus
Semester Length: 15 weeks
Typical Time to Completion: 
4 years