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Management (BS)

About the Management Bachelor Degree

The Fisher College Business and Management Degree programs and their concentration within the School of Management and Communication are united in their commitment to fundamental business knowledge and application of skills in support of professional opportunities. The curriculum combines theory with practical applications to ensure students acquire depth and breadth of subject matter and can apply what they have learned. All business degree programs must provide students with the access to academic and professional information that will prepare them for a career and continued professional growth within the business world and beyond.

Learning Outcomes
This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop the following competencies and ability to:
  • Analyze and apply the concepts and principles of the functional areas of an organization to inform business decisions.
  • Organize data to examine the economic as well as the legal, ethical, and social responsibility of organizations in our society.
  • Communicate in a professional manner in all organizational contexts.
  • Demonstrate team work, leadership and motivational skills in a variety of organizational settings
  • Examine global perspectives of businesses.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills in business and management scenarios.
Management Career Track

Bachelor of Science in Management degree graduates are equipped to pursue careers in a variety of positions in private, government and not-for-profit organizations. Graduates of the program have secured employment in the fields of accounting, education, finance, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, marketing, retail and sales. Positions held by graduates range from a college registrar to an administrator of a major hospital. Additionally, students are given the skills necessary to pursue graduate business degrees, such as an MBA.

Management Program Requirements

First Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CM105 Public Speaking 3  
CS101 Computer Concepts and Applications  3  
CS245 Management Application and Information Systems   3
EC101 Macroeconomics  3  
EC102 Microeconomics    3
EN101 English I 3  
EN102 English II   3
IS105 Common Experience 1  
MA107/ MA117
College Algebra/ Finite Math
MA121 Basic Statistics    3
PS101 Introduction to Psychology   3
  Total Credit 16 15


Second Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
AC121 Financial Accounting 3  
AC122 Managerial Accounting    3
FI201 Principles of Business Finance    3
IS220 Preparation for Careers and Life after College   3
LA204 Business Law 3  
MG201 Principles of Management  3  
MG202 Human Resource Management    3
MK201 Principles of Marketing   3
  Science Elective  3/4  
  Program Elective 3  
  Total Credits 15/16 15


Third Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
MG303 Managerial Communication 3  
MG304 Leadership and Ethics   3
MG315 International Management   3
MG321 Organizational Behavior 3  
MG390 Management Internship 3  
PS315 Social Psychology  3  
  Free Elective   3
  Humanities Elective 3  
  Program Elective   3
  Social Science Elective   3
  Total Credits 15 15


Fourth Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
MG435 Operations Management 3  
MG441 Business Policy and Strategic Management   3
MG450 Senior Project   3
  English Elective   3
  Free Elective 6 6
  Program Elective 6  
  Total Credits 15 15