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About the English Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts Program at Fisher College with a concentration in English will lead to a well-rounded student able to continue on to even higher-level study or to begin a career.  The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts program, English Concentration will produce a student who is knowledgeable in many areas within the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and is highly proficient in written and oral communication, in analysis and synthesis, in quantitative reasoning, in problem solving, and in a greater understanding of the literary arts. In addition to completing the Fisher College core requirements in English and mathematics, the Liberal Arts graduate must successfully complete course work in communications, fine arts, history, literature, science, intermediate-level writing, public speaking, and interdisciplinary study connecting at least the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, and she/he must complete a senior project and internship.

Program Requirements:

Learning Outcomes

In addition to the learning outcomes in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree, students within the English concentration will also achieve the following concentration-specific learning objectives:

  • Identify and interpret classic and contemporary works of literature written in English
  • Utilize literary and historical theoretical analysis
  • Organize, write, and present information in a researched and engaging manner
  • Explore/practice multiple forms of writing
English Career Track

The successful Liberal Arts, English Concentration graduate has the skill, experience, flexibility of mind, and appreciation of diversity to move on to master’s and Ph.D. study, to begin employment, and to be a productive citizen.  Potential careers can include (but are not limited to) teaching, writer/author, social media consultant, paralegal, grant writer, ESL teacher or coordinator.  Graduates may receive employment in education, publishing, government, non-profit, music, theater, history, or language sectors.

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 121
Learning Format: On Campus
Semester Length: 15 weeks
Typical Time to Completion: 
4 years