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Fashion Merchandising (BS)

About the Fashion Merchandising Bachelor Degree Concentration 

The Fisher College Fashion Merchandising concentration is where management meets fashion. To accomplish this, we often step outside of the classroom and take you on field trips that include: meetings with executives in top firms, consultations with local entrepreneurs, and visits to apparel businesses and retailers that operate in Boston's fashionable Back Bay. Students will discover and embrace creative and imaginative instincts to connect trading and enterprising skills within the apparel, textile and home furnishings industries.  Travel and study abroad programs inspire students both visually and culturally in their fashion studies and future workplace endeavors.

Learning Outcomes
In addition to the learning outcomes in the Bachelor of Science in Management, students within the Fashion Merchandising concentration will also achieve the following concentration-specific learning objectives:
  • Define product and merchandising developmental stages from design concept to end-use consumer product.
  • Recognize the importance of aesthetics and principles of design to implement trend forecasting tools and adverting platforms.
  • Demonstrate textile knowledge by understanding fiber properties in consumer apparel and home textiles.
  • Identify recurring historical costume elements in contemporary fashion products.
  • Analyze and critique the ever-changing Omni retail channels utilized by retailers and consumers for profitability.
  • Prepare a buying proposal with an assortment plan, pricing strategies and proposed sales reports.
  • Establish Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plans for print, visual displays and online marketing formats to promote fashion related goods and services.
  • Evaluate parameters within the global marketplace in relation to ever-changing trade, political, and technological landscapes of international business frameworks.
Fashion Merchandising Career Track

Graduates with the Bachelor of Science in Management and Fashion Merchandising Concentration can obtain positions in Assistant Buying, Visual Merchandising, and Retail Management.  The Fashion Merchandising Concentration also prepares its graduates for employment in a myriad of professional settings, including: Allocation and Planning for local corporate firms, Merchandising, Social Media Strategies, and Sales for Off-Price, Luxury, Beauty and Home Furnishing Retailers. 

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Management Program Requirements: Fashion Merchandising Concentration

First Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CM105 Public Speaking 3  
CS101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3  
EC101 Macroeconomics    3
EN101 English I 3  
EN102 English II   3
FA103 Line, Color, and Design   3
FM102 Fashion Merchandising  3  
FM220 Retail Management   3
IS105 Common Experience 1  
MA107/ MA117
College Algebra/ Finite Math
PS101 Introduction to Psychology   3
  Total Credit 16 15


Second Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
AC121 Financial Accounting 3  
AC122 Managerial Accounting   3
CS245 Management Applications and Information Systems   3
FM209 Retail Buying   3
FM210 Fashion Marketing   3
FM215 History of Fashion 3  
FM225 Textile Science 3  
IS220 Preparation for Careers and Life after College   3
MA121 Basic Statistics  3  
MG202 Human Resource Management 3  
  Total Credits 15 15

Third Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
FI201 Principles of Business Finance 3  
FM315 Global Retail Markets 3  
FM320 Retail Product Development   3
LA204 Business Law 3  
MG304 Leadership and Ethics   3
MG321 Organizational Behavior 3  
MG390 Management Internship   3
MK220/ CS116 Consumer Behavior/ Introduction to Graphic Design 3  
PS315 Social Psychology   3
  Free Elective    3
  Total Credits 15 15


Fourth Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
FM450 Fashion Merchandising Senior Seminar   3
MG303 Managerial Communications 3  
MG441 Business Policy and Strategic Management    3
  English Elective 3  
  Science Elective  3  
  Social Science Elective   6
  Free Elective  6 3
  Total Credits 15 15