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Entrepreneurship (BS)

About the Entrepreneurship Bachelor Degree Concentration  

The Entrepreneurship concentration in Management program is designed to give students an understanding of business functions in the world of entrepreneurship in today’s current business world. Students will gain a solid foundation in marketing, finance, fundraising, the legal environment as it applies to entrepreneurship, while also studying management fundamentals. This program enables students who have an aptitude and foundation to pursue their own areas of interest within the field and to be key players within an entrepreneurial or start-up organization. 

Learning Outcomes
Students in the Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM), Entrepreneurship Concentration will have the opportunity to achieve the learning objectives of the BSM, in addition to the concentration-specific learning objectives:
  • Define entrepreneurship and associated risk and opportunity analysis.
  • Analyze emerging trends and practices in entrepreneurial marketing.
  • Evaluate and apply marketing research to entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Evaluate and compare business entity structures and select an appropriate structure based on legal and tax considerations.
  • Analyze legal implications of different funding options.
  • Apply major financial, managerial, ethical, and planning fundamentals to an entrepreneurial venture.
Entrepreneurship Career Track

Successful graduates of the BSM, Entrepreneurship Concentration are qualified for employment in entry-level positions in a start-up, business consultant, or venture capitalist organization.  They may also pursue a career in small business ownership or management.  The well rounded curriculum will prepare them for business opportunities and positions in diverse fields working for others as they refine their own skills and aspirations towards business ownership.

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Management Program Requirements: Entrepreneurship Concentration

First Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
CM105 Public Speaking 3  
CS101 Computer Concepts and Applications  3  
CS245 Management Application and Information Systems   3
EC101 Macroeconomics  3  
EC102 Microeconomics    3
EN101 English I 3  
EN102 English II   3
IS105 Common Experience 1  
MA107/ MA117
College Algebra/ Finite Math
MA121 Basic Statistics    3
PS101 Introduction to Psychology    3
  Total Credit 16 15


Second Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
AC121 Financial Accounting 3  
AC122 Managerial Accounting    3
FI201 Principles of Business Finance    3
IS220 Preparation for Careers and Life after College   3
LA204 Business Law 3  
MG201 Principles of Management  3  
MG202 Human Resource Management  3  
MK201 Principles of Marketing   3
  Humanities Elective   3
  Science Elective 3  
  Total Credits 15 15

Third Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
AC204 Income Tax   3
MG303 Managerial Communications 3  
MG304 Leadership and Ethics   3
MG315 International Management   3
MG321 Organizational Behavior 3  
MG350 Entrepreneurship  3  
MG351 Entrepreneurial Marketing   3
MG390 Management Internship 3  
PS315 Social Psychology    3
  Social Science Elective 3  
  Total Credits 15 15


Fourth Year

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring
MG352 Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity  3  
MG402 Legal Environment of Entrepreneurship   3
MG435 Operations Management  3  
MG441 Business Policy and Strategic Management    3
MG450 Senior Project   3
  English Elective   3
  Free Elective 9 3
  Total Credits 15 15