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English (BA)

About the English Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in English Program at Fisher College will lead to a well-rounded student able to continue at even higher-level study or to begin a career.  The program will produce a student who is knowledgeable in many areas within literature, in written and oral communication, in analysis and synthesis, and in problem solving.

Program Requirements:

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify and interpret classic and contemporary works of literature written in English
  • Utilize literary and historical theoretical analyses
  • Organize, write, and present information in a researched and engaging manner
  • Demonstrate strong writing and communication skills
English Career Track

Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English can pursue careers in journalism, education, publishing, public relations, marketing, and many other fields that require writing and critical thinking skills.

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 120
Term Length: 8-weeks 
Typical Time to Completion*:
20 terms; 3 years, 4 months
Credits: 120
Semester Length: 15-weeks
Typical Time to Completion:
4 years
*Based on continuous enrollment of two courses every term. Time to completion may be shorter based on eligible transfer credit or longer if course enrollment varies.