Public Relations

About the Public Relations Concentration 

The Public Relations concentration of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies helps students to acquire the strategic communication and relationship-building skills needed to succeed in this industry. Public relations is best thought of as a communication process, one that helps organizations maintain mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders. Strong writing and oral communication skills are a must, as is the ability to research information efficiently and communicate effectively using the latest social media tools. Jobs in public relations include: publicist, lobbyist, media liaison, copywriter, scriptwriter, corporate spokesperson, and public relations manager.  

Program Requirements

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the scope of public relations and the principle role research, counseling, and communication play in public relations activities.
  • Recognize the ethical component involved in responsible public relations practices.
  • Identify the primary strategic functions of news management, community relations, crisis management, and lobbying and the full-time positions available in each.
  • Conduct a communication audit to achieve client goals and meet the needs of diverse publics.
  • Utilize persuasion and communication theories when formulating public relations tactics.
  •  Assess an organization’s public relations needs and recommend solutions that can be carried out via social media.
  • Create a public relations campaign.
Public Relations Career Track

Opportunities in public relations abound for strong communicators skilled in the most popular social media platforms of the day.  Account executive and manager positions work directly with the client to manage their campaigns; while development officers and fundraising managers plan and organize events to raise funds and awareness for organizations.  PR jobs that focus on publicity and promotion include publicist, public information officer, and public relations director; while positions responsible for pitching stories to news directors and editors include media relations managers, media directors, and new media coordinators.  In addition to the jobs discussed, many organizations require a PR specialist who can do a little of everything, from writing press releases and planning events, to coordinating media coverage and promoting a positive public image for the company.

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 120
Learning Format: On Campus
Semester Length: 15 weeks
Typical Time to Completion: 
4 years