Marketing (BS)

About the Marketing Bachelor Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing program is designed to educate students in the core fundamentals of marketing and prepare them for the jobs that are in high demand in the field. This program challenges students to analyze marketing situations, problem solve complex scenarios, and generate creative solutions in order to provide value in a rapidly changing market place. The marketplace is constantly changing—consumer preferences are shifting and technology is enabling advances in marketing communications and distribution methods. A successful marketing manager in this dynamic environment will need quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, and decision-making skills to diagnose problems, identify opportunities, and create effective strategies.

The Fisher College marketing program’s mission is to develop graduates who possess such knowledge and skills. Additionally, the program will train students to be able to communicate their analyses and solutions effectively in writing and orally.

Program Requirements

Learning Outcomes

This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop the following competencies and ability to:

  • Apply marketing principles to inform marketing decisions.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to domestic and global marketing scenarios.
  • Analyze data and information found in marketing situations using accepted quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication strategies needed to meet the requirements of leadership and managerial situations.
  • Assess the effects of consumer psychology theory and practice on consumption and marketing.
  • Evaluate courses of action at strategic and tactical levels in marketing.
  • Explain the value of brands and brand equity to organizations.
  • Integrate traditional and digital marketing into marketing campaigns and measure key performance outcomes.
Marketing Career Track
Bachelor of Science in Marketing graduates can pursue a marketing career in any business or organization that needs to market its goods and services, including goods manufacturers and service providers such as banks, non-profits, healthcare, hospitality, and legal firms.
Marketing graduates also have opportunities to work for agencies that provide marketing services, such as marketing research, branding, social media content, digital marketing, and marketing consulting.

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 120
Term Length: 8-weeks 
Typical Time to Completion*:
20 terms; 3 years, 4 months
Credits: 120
Semester Length: 15-weeks
Typical Time to Completion:
4 years

Degree Pathways

Students who have earned 30+ college credits are encouraged to inquire about the Degree Completion Program (DCP)

*Based on continuous enrollment of two courses every term. Time to completion may be shorter based on eligible transfer credit or longer if course enrollment varies.