Supply Chain Management

About the Supply Chain Management Concentration 

Supply chain management is how companies produce and deliver the products we all consume. From sourcing and procuring materials to streamlining manufacturing and transportation processes, supply chain management is a critical function of modern businesses. Looking to the future, as E-commerce continues to change consumption behavior, almost every company is now in the business of optimizing their supply chain.

Program Requirements

Learning Outcomes

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM), Supply Chain Management Concentration will have the opportunity to achieve the learning objectives of the BSM, in addition to the concentration-specific learning objectives:

  1. Quantitatively forecast inventory needs and build a logistics plan to meet demand.
  2. Critically assess the costs and logistical requirements of setting up a physical goods supply chain.
  3. Apply popular methodologies (such as six sigma) and common technologies to make and implement practical decisions.
  4. Solve real-world supply chain management problems and clearly articulate end-to-end considerations for any proposed solution.
Supply Chain Management Career Track

A degree in Supply Chain Management can lead students into a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation. Popular career pathways include Operations Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Purchasing Manager, and Distribution Manager to name a few. Ecommerce trends are driving companies to streamline their supply chains through automation, to provide the consumer with an increase in speed and accuracy of order processing and delivery

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 121
Learning Format: On Campus
Semester Length: 15 weeks
Typical Time to Completion: 
4 years