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Healthcare Management

About the Healthcare Management Concentration Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Management Degree, with a concentration in Healthcare Management, develops solid functional management knowledge and skills combined with a broad overview of issues and challenges specific to the complex field of health care delivery. Emphasis of instruction will be on developing the managerial skills required to work in today's regulated, complex health care field. Graduates will have a solid foundation of knowledge in legal issues, marketing, financial accounting, health care reimbursement systems and performance-improvement methods required to meet the challenges of increasing quality while decreasing cost in health care delivery. 

Program Requirements

Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the healthcare delivery systems along with the associated operational and financial aspects associated with each
  • Explain the legal and regulatory environment in healthcare and implications for managers within the field
  • Recognize important external and internal factors and trends impacting the industry and be prepared to assess current policies as well as recommend and adopt changes as needed
  • Examine the dynamic nature of healthcare administration and demonstrate the problem solving and leadership skills to manage resources as needed within this environment
Healthcare Management Career Track
Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Healthcare Management degree graduates are equipped to pursue careers in a variety of positions in private, government and not-for-profit organizations. Graduates of the program have secured employment at hospitals, convalescence homes, rehabilitation facilities, and health insurance agencies. Positions held by graduates range from claims associates to hospital administrators Additionally, students are given the skills necessary to pursue graduate business degrees, such as an MBA.

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Program Snapshot

Credits: 121
Term Length: 8-weeks 
Typical Time to Completion*:
20 terms; 3 years, 4 months
Credits: 121
Semester Length: 15-weeks
Typical Time to Completion:
4 years

Degree Pathways

Students who have earned 30+ college credits are encouraged to inquire about the Degree Completion Program (DCP)

*Based on continuous enrollment of two courses every term. Time to completion may be shorter based on eligible transfer credit or longer if course enrollment varies.