Human Services (BS)

About the Human Service Bachelor Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services program is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to assess the social and developmental needs of individuals and families—particularly of those who are considered at-risk or otherwise troubled—and either to participate directly in delivering the services required to address their needs, or to arrange and coordinate the delivery of quality services by others.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss the purposes, methods, history, and contributions of Human Services professions; of the organization and functioning of the public and private agencies that constitute the domestic social welfare system; and of the delivery of services to individuals and families
  • Demonstrate skills in observation, needs assessment, social intervention, program development and implementation, and evaluation of outcomes
  • Assess the human service needs of individuals, families, and communities 
  • Employ techniques to encourage those they assist to become as self-sufficient as possible
  • Evaluate which kinds of improvements in the external environment and human services systems would best facilitate the full realization of human potential
Human Services Career Track

The program readies students for entry-level employment and subsequent career advancement in the human services field in various public and private organizations and settings. These include: federal, state, and local social welfare agencies; child care, youth services, and recreational organizations; schools and other educational venues; the criminal justice and correctional system; selected roles in not-for-profit organizations; and health care settings, such as hospitals, physician and psychologist practices, community health centers, health maintenance organizations, nursing and assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation centers. 

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