Graduate Certificates


The Graduate Certificate programs at Fisher College provide individuals with access to specialized instruction in a field of study for which they wish to gain expertise.  The programs are designed to be completed quickly and provide the certificate earners with an additional credential to enhance their career opportunities and personal knowledge and skills.

Is a Graduate Certificate Right for You?

A graduate certificate will help you reach your goals if you are someone who wants to:
  • Earn a promotion
  • Enhance your resume for a new job or career change
  • Strengthen your foundation of skills

Graduate Certificate Highlights

  • Designed to fit your busy schedule, certificate programs can be completed in less time than a traditional master's degree program
  • Learn from faculty and industry professionals who enhance curriculum with real-world, practial experience
  • Students will network and collaborate with a diverse group of classmates and faculty from around Boston and the world
  • All credits earned can be applied to a Master's degree program

Graduate Certificates in Business

Learning format: Online     Credits: 12
Can be completed in two 8-week terms

Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counseling

Learning format: Online     Credits: 18
Can be completed in three 12-week terms