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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

About the Master of Business Administration Degree

Fisher College offers a Master of Business Administration degree in Strategic Leadership. Students can choose the general degree or add a focus in Sport Administration or Accounting. The MBA program has been designed to prepare students for increased responsibility through the development, practice, and application of knowledge and skills used by highly successful business professionals today.

Knowledge is not enough. Professional skill sets are required that will give the student the ability for success in positions with higher levels of responsibility. Therefore, the vision for the program’s course design and development is based on practical professional applications of knowledge based on business cases. The program will utilize small student teams for social and experiential learning activities that are focused on the practice of applicable skills for solving current problems in realistic learning environments.

Learning Objectives 
Fisher College’s Master of Business Administration program changes the lives of business professionals by preparing them for greater career success through the practice and application of knowledge and skills used by highly successful business professionals.

The overarching purpose of the MBA core individual student learning outcomes is to better prepare graduates for positions of increasing levels of responsibility in a business.

  • Apply fundamental business knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving methods to realistic business scenarios.
  • Demonstrate graduate level research skills.
  • Analyze data found in all business functions, using accepted quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Construct appropriate communications strategies and methods to effectively address managerial and leadership scenarios and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate and understand the interactions between business functions.
  • Appraise and integrate the concepts of business law, business ethics, social responsibility, and risk management; and the role of external factors, including government on business operations.
  • Analyze the effects of internal systems and human behavior on business operations and demonstrate collaborative organizational behaviors.
  • Identify business challenges, and evaluate, critique, and recommend courses of action, integrating management and leadership theory and practice.
  • Analyze and interpret the effects of globalization on all aspects of commerce.

MBA Focus

Fisher College offers a Master of Business Administration degree in Strategic Leadership. Students can choose the general degree or add a focus in Sport Administration or Accounting.

Fisher College’s MBA degree, with a focus in Accounting, provides students with the knowledge necessary to succeed in financial management positions in industry, public accounting and not-for-profit organizations. Upon the successful completion of the program, students that earned at least 21 credit hours in accounting at the undergraduate level, plus a combined total of 24 credit hours at either the graduate or undergraduate level in business related courses, will fulfill the education requirement for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant in Massachusetts. The program’s courses will provide key insight to areas tested in the Unified Certified Public Accountant exam.
Sport Administration 
Fisher College’s MBA in Sport Administration leverages the foundational business administration knowledge and professional skills students have gained in their courses to examine current trends and opportunities for success in the sport industry. Students who pursue the MBA in Sport Administration gain specialized knowledge of the strategies and tools utilized by sport professionals to effectively sell, manage venues, and build brands in the sport industry.

Program Requirements, Delivery, and Courses

Additional Information

Program Requirements 

MBA program consists of three areas:
  • 11 core courses 
  • The focus requirement of 3 three-credit courses.
  • The capstone requirement of 1 three-credit course designed to integrate knowledge gained in all previous coursework by demonstrating professional level skills and abilities in the student’s chosen focus.
  • Total of 15 courses and 42 credits.
Sport Administration and Accounting focus areas also available.


Delivery Format

Courses will be offered in three 12-week terms and one 8-week term fully online or in person on our Boston campus. MBA program is available fully online or in person on the Boston campus. 


MBA5000 Executive Level Presentation and Communication
MBA5010 Introduction to MBA Studies
MBA5020 Management, Teamwork, and Empowerment
MBA5050 Leading Organizational Change
MBA5100 Decision-making Analysis Methods for Managers
MBA5150 Value-based Operations and Logistics Management Practice
MBA5200 Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis
MBA5250 Strategic Cost and Profitability Analysis
MBA5300 Global Economics and Managerial Decision Making
MBA5500 Marketing, Management, and E-Commerce
MBA5600 Comparative Case Studies in Business Law and Ethics
MBA6000 Leadership in Governmental and External Relations
MBA6300 International Business Analysis, Strategy, and Planning
MBA6500 Market Analysis, Strategy, and Planning
MBA6600 Strategic Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
MBA6999 Industry Analysis, Strategy, and Planning (Capstone)