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Early Intervention (BS)

About the Early Intervention Concentration in Human Services Degree

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Early Intervention Concentration will have the opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes of the Human Services Degree. In addition to the following concentration-specific learning outcomes:

  • Apply key concepts and methods of the disciplines of Human Services and Early Intervention
  • Assess the human service needs of individuals, families, communities and children with special needs
  • Demonstrate skills in counseling and case management with adults, typically developing children, and non-typically developing children
  • Employ techniques to encourage those they assist to become self-sufficient as possible
  • Demonstrate skills in observation, needs assessment, social intervention, program development and implementation, and evaluating outcomes 
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of Early Intervention and learn therapeutic techniques to assist children with special needs
Early Intervention Career Track

The program readies students for entry-level employment and subsequent career advancement in the human services field in various public and private organizations and settings. These include: federal, state, and local social welfare agencies; child care, youth services, and recreational organizations; schools and other educational venues. The Early Intervention concentration additionally prepares students to work as an Early Intervention developmental specialist.

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Human Services Program Requirements: Early Intervention Concentration

First Year

Course Number Course Title  
CS101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
ED115 Introduction to Early Intervention 3
EN101 English I 3
EN102 English II 3
HS101 Introduction to Human Services 3
PS101 Introduction to Psychology  3
PS208 Abnormal Psychology  3
  Free Elective 3
  Humanities Elective 3
  Math/Science/Computer Science 3
  Total Credits 30


Second Year

Course Number Course Title  
ED205 Children with Special Needs 3
HS202 Practice of Counseling/Interviewing 3
MA121/ PS210
Basic Statistics/ Statistics for Psychology  
PS103/ PS107 Child Development/ Infant Development 3
PS222 Psychology of Personality  3
SO121 Social Justice, Race, and Gender Issues in American Society 3
  Communication Elective 3
  Free Elective 3
  Humanities Elective  3
  Science Elective  3
  Total Credits 30

Third Year

Course Number Course Title Fall
HS207 Ethical Issues 3
HS301 Crisis Intervention 3
PS211 Research Methods in Psychology  3
  Free Elective 12
  Program Elective 3
  Social Sciences Elective 6
  Total Credits 30


Fourth Year

Course Number Course Title  
ED310 Assessment of Young Children 3
HS402 Systems and Policies  3
HS450 Senior Seminar 3
  Free Elective 9
  Global Awareness Elective 3
  Humanities Elective 3
  Program Elective 3
  Social Sciences Elective (300/400 level) 3
  Total Credits 30