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Psychology (AA)

About the Psychology Degree

The Associates in Arts Psychology program at Fisher College provides students with a solid background for pursuit of a baccalaureate degree in psychology. Core psychology courses, psychology elective, and statistics and research prepare the student to enter the upper-level baccalaureate courses. Interested and eligible students can seamlessly continue into the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Fisher College. This degree also provides an adequate base for the student entering other majors, particularly in the social sciences.  

Learning Outcomes

This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop the following competencies and ability to:

  • Describe the development of children, adolescents and adults over the course of a lifespan, including their cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and physical development within a socio-cultural context.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of psychological theory.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of psychological research by having learned how to identify, conduct, and critically evaluate quantitative and qualitative studies used throughout the psychological studies.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with issues of ethical principles in psychology.
  • Use critical thinking skills professionally in everyday life.

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Psychology Program Requirements

First Year

Course Number Course Title  
CS101 Computer Concepts and Applications  3
EN101 English I 3
EN102 English II 3
PS101 Introduction to Psychology  3
PS222 Psychology of Personality  3
PS105 Human Development 3
  Humanities Elective  6
  Math/Science Elective1 3/4
  Free Elective  3
  Total Credit 30/31

1 Must take math if placed in MA003 or MA106


Second Year

Course Number Course Title  
CM105 Public Speaking 3
EN201 Intermediate Writing  3
PS208 Abnormal Psychology 3
PS210 Statistics of Psychology  3
PS211 Research Method 3
PS212 Psychology of Learning  3
  English Elective  3
  Math/Science/Computer Science Elective 3/4
  Social Sciences Elective  3
  Free Elective  3/4
  Total Credit 31/32