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Honors Program and Societies

The Honors Program

The Honors Program invites a select community of students on a journey of excellence. These students will be provided opportunities to explore the interfaces among their area of professional study and the social sciences and humanities; to gain the sensitivity to project and to test the moral and social implications of their future professional judgments and activities; and to foster respect for self and others in preparation for full and productive lives. The philosophy of the Honors Program is that well-educated individuals should seize the opportunity to take the knowledge they have gained in their educational settings and experiences and apply it to the betterment of the communities from which they come and to those in which they plan to serve. The Honors Program is available to Boston Campus students. 

Honors Program Application Instructions (For New Students)

Honors Program Application (For Current Students)

Dean's List

The Dean's List is the official recognition by the College of a student's excellent academic performance. Only degree students are eligible for this recognition. To be named to the Dean's List undergraduate students must earn at least 12 college-level, grade-point-bearing credits in that semester through course work at Fisher; achieve a minimum semester grade-point average of 3.3; and also have no failing grades within that semester. Undergraduate students in GPS may qualify for Dean's List based on their academic performance during consecutive 8-week academic terms. 

Honor Societies

The Golden Key International Honor Society

Established at Fisher College in 2012, students are eligible for invitation if they meet the following requirements:

  • Must be in the top 15 percent of all bachelor’s degree-seeking students
  • Have earned 30 or more credits while attending Fisher.

Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology

Established at Fisher College in 2015. Students are eligible for invitation if they meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a Psychology major.
  • Have completed at least 3 semester or equivalent of full-time college course work.
  • Have completed at least 9 semester hours or equivalent of Psychology courses.
  • Have earned a cumulative GPA that is in the top 35 percent of their class (sophomore, junior, senior) compared to their classmates  
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA average for psychology courses.

Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society in Criminal Justice

Established at Fisher College in 2016, students are eligible for invitation if they meet the following requirements:
  • Be enrolled as a Criminal Justice major or minor
  • Have completed at least 3 full semesters or its equivalent
  • Have completed a minimum of 4 courses in Criminal Justice
  • Have attained a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale in their cumulative and criminal justice courses.
  • Rank in the top 35 percent of their class. 

Salute - Veterans National Honor Society 

SALUTE was formed in 2009 by the Colorado State University Veterans Office thanks to a grant by the American Council of Education and the Walmart Foundation. Fisher College established a chapter in 2019 and joined the nearly 200 Colleges and Universities to offer this special designation and recognition to high achieving military veterans.

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