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The Common Experience

About the Program

The Common Experience is a seminar style course required for freshmen in their first semester. Through this course, first-year students are given the skills necessary to become informed and active participants in their academic and post-collegiate career.

Full-time faculty members serve as Common Experience Instructors, and also as academic advisors for students in their classes in order to provide students with a strong relationship with a faculty member early on. Students earn three credits for completion of The Common Experience.

As a complement to the core academic curriculum, students benefit from Common Sessions that are scheduled throughout the year. Convocations built around the annual theme contextualize and enrich learning through speaker events and related activities.


The first year of college is full of new changes and experiences. The Common Experience is a semester-long course designed to aid students in their transition from high school to the Fisher College Community. Through academic and social activities, and interactions with their Common Experience instructors and support from peers, students are equipped with the skills needed to achieve success during their first year.