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Career Services

Career Service Office Online Virtual Support

Career Services supports students and alumni with gaining skills and developing plans to reach academic and career-oriented goals. You can connect with Career Services by stopping by our office in the mall area, logging in to Handshake, or emailing us at

Visitors are welcome to stop by Career Services between 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. An appointment is recommended for career advising conversations, but we are always happy to have students stop by to get answers to quick questions or access resources.


Career Service Appointments  

  • Please login to Handshake to schedule your appointment.
  • Click on “Career Center” in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Appointments” and “Schedule a new appointment”.
  • Choose your appointment type, date, time, and medium. Appointments are offered in person, by phone, or virtually through the Handshake platform.


About Career Services

Career Services seeks to engage students at their developmental stage to address their specific educational and career-oriented goals. Recognizing students’ unique and diverse traits, Career Services helps guide them in gaining the skills and planning appropriately to reach their professional aspirations.


We automatically create an account for all students. To access your Handshake account, enter your Fisher email address and Handshake will prompt you to create a password. Don't forget to fill out your career interest questions, since your responses help us to share internship, job, and event opportunities that are related to your interests. 


Fisher Alumni are encouraged to login and utilize Handshake as a resource. If you previously created a profile as a student, you can continue to access that profile. Otherwise, please create an account and we will approve it promptly.


If you are already using Handshake as part of your recruitment efforts, please add Fisher College to your list of schools! We are looking forward to beginning a partnership with you and can't wait to connect you with our amazing Fisher students and alumni. 

New to Handshake? Find directions for creating your employer profile here

Undergraduate Internship Program


An Internship is an experiential learning opportunity in which the academic knowledge gained in your college courses is applied to a supervised work situation. This combination of work and academics enhances your overall knowledge base, allows you to sharpen your current skill set, and enables you to develop real workplace competencies. Preparation is the key to getting the most out of your internship.

The following steps can make your internship more fulfilling:

  • do some research into the types of positions or jobs you might enjoy.
  • prepare yourself mentally for the demands an internship can pose.
  • make certain you can devote time to this course.
  • maintain a positive attitude during this experience.

Internships are often part time, between 10 and 25 hours per week. However, the required number of hours varies depending on academic program requirements. Students who have questions about internships should reach out to Career Services or the Program Director for their academic major.

Day Program Students 

All bachelor degree candidates in the Day Programs are required to complete an internship for a minimum of 3 credits (120 hours) that pertains to their major. Before enrolling in the appropriate internship course, all students must complete IS220, which is a required course called Preparation for Life and Careers. Students typically take this course during their sophomore or junior year to prepare for their internship experience.

Undergraduate DAY Programs: Resources and Forms

Graduate and Professional Studies

Some GPS programs, including associates programs, require students to complete an internship for academic credit. GPS students should check with your Advisor or Site Coordinator for details on your program's internship requirement.

Internships must be completed within a normal semester or term; however, there may be exceptions with permission from your Advisor.

The Washington Center

Fisher College has partnered with The Washington Center to bring students a unique opportunity to study and intern in Washington, DC for a summer or semester. 

The Washington Center program features three main components:

  • Internship
  • Evening Course
  • Professional Development Programming

Contact Career Services for more information. 

The Importance of Internships

Learning extends far beyond the classroom. Internships serve as an important connection between academic understanding and real-world application.

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