Our Sincerest Condolences to the Fisher Family

On Monday, January 31, 2022 former Fisher College President, Dr. Scott A. Fisher, passed away peacefully at his home in Onset, MA. Dr. Fisher was the longest serving Trustee and past Chairman of the Board.

After serving in the United States Navy as a Commander of the Amphibious Forces, Dr. Fisher dedicated his life to serving others including the Fisher College Community. This Institution was originally founded by his grandfather, M.C. Fisher in 1903. Dr. Fisher continued that legacy and contributed to the successful growth of the College. He was indeed a pioneer for the continuing education modality in Massachusetts.

In 2013 Dr. Fisher wrote the following about his life:

I do believe that I have had a good life, significant opportunity, achieved many worthwhile things, have contributed to the welfare of others, have sustained disappointment and success, appreciated my family present and past and have been continually grateful and thankful for it all. At 80 I am a happy man.” 

Please keep Dr. Fisher’s wife Laura, daughter- Alexandra Bartsch, son- Christian Fisher, daughter-in-law Michelle McKeown Fisher, and the entire extended family members in your thoughts and prayers over the coming days. He will be greatly missed by myself and the entire Fisher College community, past and present.

Click here for more information about the virtual service on February 6, 2022 and how you can share your condolences.