With the holiday season in full swing, we are grateful to members of the Fisher College Baseball Team who volunteered at the Daybreak Shelter in Lawrence, Mass. during Thanksgiving break. Two players, Dennis Senelis and Jose Neris, share their experiences in giving back to their community.

Dennis Senelis is in his senior year at Fisher College. He has been a part of the Baseball Team for all of his four years at the college, and each year he has served as a volunteer for the Daybreak Shelter. When he describes his volunteer experience while throughout his years at Fisher, he says his experience was amazing: “I enjoyed helping those in need and giving back to the community.”

“I’ve been able to gain valuable life skills,” he added. “I’ve also been able to learn from others and learn from their perspective and life situation.”

Senelis’ gratitude in being able to serve the citizens at the shelter created a better appreciation for the little things in life. "Volunteering is an evergreen experience; you continue to develop this skill and soon notice how even the smallest changes can create an impact that immediately impacts every person in your community."

Jose Neris is in his junior year at Fisher College. “We try to keep the tradition of volunteering at the Daybreak Shelter,” said Neris, who describes his experience as inspiring. Volunteering for those in need allowed him to step into “their shoes and learn their stories,” he added. At the onset of the holiday season, he found it unfortunate that not all citizens had a place to have a meal. Serving Thanksgiving dinner at the Daybreak Shelter allowed citizens to come together and ensured the spirit and tradition of the holiday.

As they work together and depend on each other on the field, these team players are able to use their leadership skills to work together and give back to their community to serve the people at the Daybreak Shelter. The Fisher community remains proud of its Baseball Team for volunteering and helping those in need.